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    *The IWT universe are impatiently awaiting of what's going to happen next. A video recap is shown with Conquistador playing over it, demonstrating The Cure's success at Summerslam. First we see Mystical George obliterating the poor man known as Dust, next we see how David beat the odds and done The Cure proud in winning his first X-Division title. Following that, the duo of Alias and Jwab's success is showcased. And last but not least, they display the long, back and forth battle that Aids competed in with the debuting mystifying Incognito. They show several highlights of that match, and subsequently, Aids standing tall over Incognito with briefcase in hand. The promo package finishes and is received with a number of boos and the odd cheer. Suddenly, the official Cure theme song - Conquistador plays again loudly throughout the loud speakers. Alias turns up on the stage on his own sporting a light blue leather jacket and a noisy pair of khaki shorts with his newly won tag title resting on his waist. He strides down the ramp with an auspicious sneer on his face. He insults and fools some of the fans in attendance on his way down to the ring. Once he reaches the ring, Alias abruptly grabs the mic. He envisions what he's about to say with an infamous and now trademark cunning grin. Just before speaking, he lifts up his arm as a sign of arrogance. He commences to speak*​
    The Cure's success at Summerslam was a momentous chapter in all of our careers. Our success at Summerslam was finally the pay-off of working hard, making it through the blood, making it through the sweat and of course making it through the tears. Making it through everything that was put in front of us, dammit. That pay-off that for so many years we had wondered, when will it come? This is what we strived for, this was the only thing that was making The Cure go through yet another day of torture and pain in this abominable jerk-filled earth, just to say we did it, we made it. And let me tell you, it was the best feeling of my life.​
    *Alias gets a bit of a cheap pop*​
    But after all was said and done at Summerslam, The Cure's pure dominance and supremacy on that show STILL wasn't enough for the IWT locker room to cut us some slack. We stole that show no matter what you bunch of bird-brained cretins think.​
    *The camera zooms-in on Alias' title belt tied on his waist. Alias points at it too*​
    And I am personally sick of this vendetta the IWT locker room has against us. And you might have guessed that I'm talking about how the people say stuff has been handed to us all along the way in our already majestic IWT career. Yeah, I'm also talking about how they say Georgie is the only one perpetuating The Cure's existence. Once again, a fatuous attempt in hope for The Cure to dismantle on stop terrorizing the merry and glorious IWT. What a load of bollocks. The sole reason that The Cure is still alive right here right now, winning titles, cashing paychecks and fucking bitches, is because of The Cure, none of that weak link bullshit. I AM SICK! And we will not be the subject of mockery from you moronic idiots, when to be honest, none of you here could hold a candle on what The Cure do outside and inside the ring.​
    *Alias' status with the crowd plummets to it's booing self again. Alias pauses scarcely*​
    Just before I made the choice to come out here, a certain Jacob Colton approached me and said....and I quote:​
    Believe it or not, that wasn't the only thing he said. And I quote:
    *Alias pauses and facepalms at the sheer crap that Jacob spewed out earlier on*
    I hate to say it guys, but here, here The Cure had the reverse effect. We went in to the match hoping to make him a much more astute person, but after hearing that, all The Cure did was make him much more stupider. It's a damn pity really. But nevertheless, I digress.
    The reason I bought up Jacob's name was also because apparently there is now some wannabe stable going around here in IWT composed of men we have already beat on several occasions. And the most ghastly thing out of all this is that they have the audacity to call us out and claim that they will end The Cure once and for all! What a pathetic work of display to try and end The Cure. Feeble wrestlers like yourselves don't kill strong wrestlers like The Cure. Simple as. You gotta try a lot harder boys.
    Therefore, Jacob and Rod, I reject your challenge to compete for our tag titles.
    Now that I have announced my thoughts on that new stable, I will move on.
    These tag belts aren't just gonna be sitting right in our locker rooms once Night Of Champions is here, am I right? It's a night of champions. So we will be there. Now, I'm giving two people a very lucky chance to be in the same ring as us at Night Of Champions. And that's not only it, no. You will also have the once in a lifetime opportunity to actually wrestle for these tag belts, but of course, having to fall prey to The Cure and lose after, but that's for another time! Unbelievably good offer, don't ya think?
    Any challenge that isn't from someone we've beaten before will be deemed accepted.
    That's it. Ready. Set. Go.​
    You are the cancer, we are the cure.​
    *Alias slowly walks over to the corner facing the titantron, awaiting the response of anyone*​

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  2. NanoRah really fucking loves his feud with Adam, eh? Cute.
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  3. What is "The Crusade"?
  4. Ben Dover: "The Crusade" is a boy scout group who are trying to finally lose their virginity...

    OH; and beat The Cure; but sadly there aren't Glaswegian prostitutes for that...
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  5. They beat The Cure? When was this?
  6. Key word: Trying.
  7. Jwab Atom: Ben never said trying. But......who makes The Crusade? Who is all in it? Cuz I never heard of them.
  8. C'mon, guys. Those shit stains really aren't worth the argument, are they? hahahaha
  9. OOC - To the losing virginity part -_-. I read "and beat The Cure. I kinda misread it faggot! I did misread it....but same thing FUCK YOU!
  10. Of course not. They do not deserve the attention.
  11. Ben Dover :dawg:
  12. Not loving it, but was better than that other shitty feud. Instead of making an OOC post, I decided to stay in character.
  13. Eddy, you can't buy my name lmao.
  14. So that's the only thing you take notice of from the whole promo. Cool.
  15. No, but I don't feel like making a promo right now. I will make a promo tomorrow if you want, but you'll keep refusing to fight, and by the way... You should read Rodrigo's promo.
  16. OOC- K. No worries. I'll try and read Rodrigos's promo soon.
  17. Basically he says he doesn't deserve another title match, but he will beat with me everyone who tries to stop us from getting your titles.
  18. OOC: Good luck boi.
  19. *Alias continues to stand in the corner impatiently. He picks up the mic again*​
    That's what I thought, no one is gutsy enough to even attempt to challenge The Cure for these straps. Ha! Pathetic. I feel kinda bighearted today though. So for those who may want to sentence themselves to a beating courtesy of The Cure at Night Of Champions, come out now!​
    *Alias paces from turnbuckle to turnbuckle muttering little senseless words whilst holding his tag title, all in the midst of boos* ​
  20. Same old shit aka

    Look what we did at [Insert PPV/Match]

    We will continue, we are invincible

    You're infected we are here to cure you

    Not bashing you but is always the same eddie
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