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  1. Farooq's theme hits as people begin to cheer for him. He stands in the crowd with the Hardcore title on his shoulder as he wears a black suit. "Now that the dust has blown over, it's time for business." He says as he stands in the top level of the crowd, still near the exit. "Wrestlemania. A night where champions were made, careers were elevated and excitement was in the air." Farooq says with a chuckle as he takes a seat in one of the fan's chair, the fan more than happy to move. "The year after Wrestlemania is known to be a fresh start in IWT, which I do agree. Out IWT champion, winning and defending his title in one night, back to back with one of the Order's own, our own Antonio. Of course, there's no doubt about it. Bruce Knight won the Royal Rumble, and everybody thought he was going to lose. He managed to win, and then got put in another match where everybody thought he was going to lose. He came out on top, once more on the grandest stage of them all." Farooq says as he stands up.

    "I have nothing negative to say." Farooq says as he stands up. "Anybody who says this kid doesn't deserve it, is 100% jealous that they couldn't do what he did and it's fine. Go bitch in your little corner instead of trying to reach for greatness. As for myself, I want to fight this kid." Farooq says as the crowd starts to get quiet. "Why? Why would I want to fight someone, who fought two people in one night, who will most likely beat me and walk out still champion?" Farooq stands up and laughs. "Whoever asks that question, should not be fighting here in IWT. He's exactly what I expect as a IWT champion. Someone who will give me a good fight, someone who can stand their ground and someone who can actually provide a challenge, unlike 80% of the locker room." Farooq heads towards the back as he finishes speaking. "It's your choice Bruce, fight a walking IWT legend like myself, or go fight someone else in the back who isn't even half as good. The choice is yours." Farooq then walks to the back as the camera pans out.
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  2. Bryant vs Farooq #1 Contender's match, winner faces the IWT Champion at fucking Summer Slam.
  3. OOC: I'm not sure on what DK is doing (if he's using his rematch clause for ER or he's gonna hold out for a later event), but once I know, I'll respond.
  4. :downer: In other words, back to jobberland.
  5. Lol, If Joey wants to face me at ER, I'll try and get us a match at Old School Uprising....with or without the Title....