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    Dat Kid bursts through the curtain and makes a B-Line for the ring with @JwabHDTV by his side. The crowd now booing the duo after the heinous act done to Unknown. Kid slides into the ring and makes his way to the turnbuckle as Jwab gets a mic. Kid sits on the top turnbuckle as Jwab tosses him the mic and waits outside.

    Jwab come stand with me in the ring. This is as big victory yours as it is mine.

    Jwab enters the ring and stands beside the turnbuckle.

    I'm not going to dilly dally with some soliloquy. The time for messages has passed. You were all warned and you chose to keep your eyes shut to your own impending damnation. Ladies and Gentlemen, 3 out of the 4 members of The Church are in Elimination Chamber matches and it has to be setting in for you now. The realization that The Church is on the verge of complete dominance over hellhound cesspool known as the IWT.

    Joey Bryant, the man who must walk alone with guidance of god and massacre the last shred of doubt that he is anything other than the future of the world as you know it. The man who will walk in to the chamber as an unfulfilled man and will walk out baptized in the blood of his opponents as the new IWT Undisputed Champion.

    Then there's us...the men who will battle for the world itself. You put me up against Victoria Parker, a psychotic whore who lost a war to an inebriated fool. The Order of Dogs, who will simply lose because of their instantaneous derangement when they're locked in the chamber. They'll be like helpless animals begging for mercy at a pet store, except they won't find it from us. Last, but not least, Danielson. The man who left me high and dry at Survivor Series, so that he could become a silly Youtube sensation, which has gotten him as far as well...nothing.

    So when you put us up against a group of asinine pawns like that, what other possibility do you see? There is only one outcome and that is the one that I proclaimed weeks ago.

    With Joey Bryant as your IWT Champion and with me as the champion of the world, The Church is now the absolute. May I have mercy on your souls.

    Jesus wept.
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  2. *stares at the ground and when God calls himself "Champion of the World" he looks up. He just continues to stare at God. God ends his talking and after he says Jesus wept. *eye contact* Jwab smirks and climbs on the turnbuckle and just stares into the crowd. He looks at God while in the direction of the IWTMania 2 sign. He smirks and points at the IWTMania 2 sign.*

    OOC - Whoever wins this Chamber. Has the opportunity of facing Forrest in the main event. Just wanted to do something awesome. I was gonna like grab the mic and say something but I was typing and I am gonna used what I typed for part of a future promo.