Champion vs Champion match

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Dat Kid, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. I challenge Farooq to a promo off. It can be for the belts or non-title, either way I'm kicking his ass. I'll even let him name the stipulations.

    Dat Kid > All other champions
  2. I can't even see your belt. :pipebomb:
    You can have your wittle dance with Farooq, but me and him are facing off at WWEFMania!
  3. I also will challenge you in a few hours in a non-title match in a... RAP BATTLE! [​IMG]
  4. You've already lost :dawg:
  5. Not putting up the championship for two weeks :tough:

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    Because I ordered a United States championship belt through the mail and going to cut a on it promo :true:

    We'll meet at the Royal Fumble :tough:
  6. Provided I don't lose the belt to RyLacky on the way there
  7. You mean The Lacky? He hasn't been here in days.....although he'll show up the the Fumble just to challenge Randy and take the championship away from this site and onto his movies on Youtube while the Crayluminati gets the other belts, leaving us two in th--WAIT That's their master plan :shock:
  8. Just cause you're black? :shocK:
  9. Duh:pity1:
  10. We have a Punk and we have a Kid, so it's clear to me, on who is going win.
    The kid is autistic, he can't even move, he says he is sober, so that explains why he sucks on his dads moobs.
    I'm a champion and not one of some stupid continent, but rather the world and hold it high with confidence.
    You're a joke, you don't know the difference between up and down, so the next time you're on the ground, don't forget to suck my big double rounds. [​IMG]
  11. I'm special guest referee
  12. I'm the commentator *sits at the announcer table* MAH GAWD PUNK'S RHYMES WERE BURTAL! LETS SEE HOW FROM RETURN ATTACKS
  13. @[Dat Kid From Jersey] has until the count of 10 to reply or he gets DQ'd
  14. Im changing my hair at the moment. I'll rape punk wen i get back
  15. He's DQ'd. :dawg:
    I win by countout, :woo1:.
  16. #Crayluminati
  17. I've been champion for #4Days and I'll make it to #8Days!
    BEST IN THE WORLD! :bitw:
  18. :idontcare:
  19. Vanilla Midget. :pity1:
  20. Dude wen i get home i'm going to rape u so bad that you'll wish it'd been ur mom instead :tough:
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