Kayfabe Champion with daddy issues

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  1. *Camera pans to The Webmaster standing in unfamiliar surroundings with ripped curtains and broken tables making up most of the scenery*
    The Webmaster: I find myself in a strange place today and I can already hear all of your questions. Where are you? Why are you there? Are you lost? and to answer that last question, no I'm right where I need to be to show Lukey how much business I mean. For you see this isn't just your everyday humble abode, this is the childhood home of Lukey. Today we are going to take a tour of the Super lad's childhood home and trying and piece together what I believe to be a very troubled childhood.
    *The Webmaster walks over to a cracked picture picks it up of the floor and dusts it off*
    The Webmaster: Here is some evidence to back up my theory of a traumatizing childhood. Here we see a family photo, you may be thinking this is normal but taking a closer look we can see that Lukey's father has been scribbled out which I insinuate as Lukey taking out some of his frustration at his father. Anyway lets move to some more evidence.
    *The Webmaster walks into a different room he gestures to the camera and it follows him*
    The Webmaster: This is where the turning point in Lukey's little life took place. Right here in this room is where Lukey's father and mother had their final confrontation before Mr. Lad up and left, leaving Lukey and his mother to fend for themselves in this big bad world we live in. The point i'm trying to convey today is quite simple but for those morons in the audience I shall explain it slowly. Lukey isn't a superhero, he is a mental patient, an asylum escapee, a headcase. And every other word to describe someone who thinks they bring good to the world. Now moving on I believe my cameraman would like to say a few words.
    *The Webmaster grabs the camera and turns it around to reveal Reaper as the cameraman*
    Lukey after the disciples are through with you there's not gonna be much left for everyone else.
    *The Webmaster then throws the camera to the floor as himself and Reaper begin to destroy the house*

    OOC. sorry about the late promo every time I tried to post it, it would say corrupted
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