Storyline Champion's Demands

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  1. *The scene opens up at the door of IWT's GM Trip, where all of sudden, we see IWT Champion Joey Bryant walking down the hallway, limping on one leg, with jeans on and a hoodie with his face competely covered by sunglasses and his hood up. The crowd pops loud in the background. He notices the camera sitting at the opening to the door.*

    "Out! Get away!"

    *He pushes the camera out of his face as he doesn't even bother to knock on Trip's door and just walks in. Trip is sitting behind his desk and the camera peaks around the corner of the door to see what's happening. Joey stops on the other side of the desk, the camera only has view of his back.*

    "Well... hello Trip."

    *He stands there for a moment as Trip stares at him. He takes a seat in a chair calmly.*

    "What a show going on right now, huh? X-Division talent shining, great matches being held, but before even any of this... did you fail to realize what your little slave IS DOING?!"

    *He slams his fist down on Trip's desk.*

    "He stole my title... this is the first time I've been in an IWT arena since Money in the Bank and I did not expect to come back to my title being stolen and smashed on live TV. The title I INTRODUCED to this company, completed destroyed in front of my eyes on the TV in the hospital. He stole Antonio's before mine, and I honestly found that hilarious, that mother fucker deserves it, I've done nothing to deserve this. I sat in a hospital for more than 2 weeks while all this was going on and now I'm here, probably to your surprise. I don't want the people to see me, I don't want Alias to see me, the only person I want to see me is that bastard Dat Kid."

    *The crowd pops in the background and Joey stands up and leans in towards Trip.*

    "I'm no longer wishing the Church was still around, Trip. I've officially moved on, I'm my own man. I need to prove to Dat Kid why I'll always be the better IWT Champion, why I'll always be better than him and why I was the one that carried the Church. Tonight, on Uprising, I want Dat Kid's head on a stake!"
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  2. OOC: I think yours was buried in a cement filled grave actually :dawg: But sweet. Now, @THG? ????
  3. *Suddenly, the camera pans out to the hallway zooming in on a still groggy Alias after Kid's attack. He is also limping, wearing a suit that cover his marks on his body. He pushes the camera out of the way and enters Trip's office. Alias notices Joey and gives him a stare of contempt. He promptly ignores him though and diverts his attention to Trip.*

    Well I did not know there was a party going on here! Hey how's it going Trip!? *To Joey* Hey how's it going douche!? That leg still not feeling good huh Joey? Oh shit. *Alias suddenly stops and feels his wobbly legs.* Just....just a bit of growing pains y'know hah.

    Anyway, Trip. Since Kid's attack I've reflected and took it upon myself to deliver him the final message, and that message is one final ass-kicking. He tarnished MY title's legacy and my SOON to be IWT Title. And I'm ready to tarnish his. Give me him tonight and I'll show him that when you mess with Alias Antonio for the 3RD TIME, there is no getting up. Me vs. Kid III.

    *Alias realizes Joey is still there*

    You still here, bud? What's your problem? Oh....I see. You were booked in MY match too weren't you? I'm sure Trip can fit you in another match. I heard Reagmaster is free these days.
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    OOC: Now Dat Kid to talk about his replicas being hammered.
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    *Trip looks back and forth between the two IWT champions standing in front of his desk. He leans back in his chair with a smirk on his face as he strokes his bearded chin*

    TRIP: Wow, dat bastard really got to you guys didn't he?

    *Trip rubs his face with his palm out of frustration*

    TRIP: I didn't think he would be able to piss you both off bad enough to want him in that ring tonight to yourselves. This was supposed to be the night Bryant gets whats coming to him isn't Alias? *Trip's voice grows with anger and intensity* But you let him STEAL your titles. NO. MY TITLES! *Trip stands up and slams both his hands on his desk* And then he destroys yours and essentially buries the other! Even after we dig that god damn thing out it will be ruined! I hate Dat Kid so much!

    *Trip slams his fist down on the table and sweeps his arms across the desk in a rage fit knocking everything onto the floor. When he finally stops he rests the palms of his hands on the desk and leans heavily on them with his head down, breathing heavily. He slowly raises his head before speaking again.*

    Tonight, you will both be able get your revenge on Dat Kid. Because it will be Dat Kid vs Joey Bryant *crowd pop in the background* and Alias Antonio in a no DQ Handicap match!

    *The crowd erupts in the background at the mention of a no DQ match. Trip stands up straight, gains his composure and straightens his tie.*

    I hope you two can put away your differences for at least one night and give that servant of mine the ass whupping he deserves for pulling this stunt. Like a child lashing out he needs to be disciplined.
    *Trip grins his old school grin and crosses his arms over his chest*
    And you two are just the guys to give it to him.

    *The camera pans back to a final shot of Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio staring at each other with Trip in the Head standing behind his desk in between them*

    OOC (open)
    @Delik - TLDR = Dat Kid vs Joey Bryant AND Alias Antonio in a no DQ Handicap match

    Also gonna tag @Dat Kid so he knows he got what he asked for
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