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  1. Many words can be used to describe the ocean; beautiful in the way it majestically rises to crash into the shore and the rocks on the beach; relaxing because of the calm rippling sounds it makes; even limitless would fit the description of the ocean. Either way, it's a very enticing thing to behold. Like before, the camera is focused on a man, although this time he observing the ocean from atop a small cliff. The camera is steadied and has a view looking over his shoulder.

    He has his back to the camera, but it is obvious that he is fixated with the ocean returning to shore. He seems lost in the rhythmic percussion of the waves on the sand. Suddenly, a violent wave crashes into the cliffside and erodes part of the cliff itself. The man backs off a little, but he still stands his ground and stays vigilant in his watch of the horizon. The waves begin to quieten down to rest, which allows the figure stood on the cliffside to speak with his back to the camera.

    "Sometimes I like to climb up here to think and relax, to take a break from the real world and be at peace with myself. You know, the ocean reminds me of myself a little. Mostly peaceful and relaxed, but can be deadly and strike with force when needed to."

    He rubs his hands together for warmth and continues to look towards the horizon, as the orange rays begin to glow towards the camera with the stars soon to be beckoned to begin their watch over the world. The man puts his arm above his eyes, so he can still see the horizon even with the sunlight being as strong as it is.

    "Sometimes I even think about what could have been, what would have happened if I would have stayed and not disappeared into the shadows. Would I still be at the top of the mountain, or would have gone back down to the bottom and worked as hard as humanly possible, like I had done for that past year? Who knows, either way, none of that matters anymore. I am here now and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. At first, I didn't think there was any reason to come back into the spotlight, but now it all seems clear to me."

    The man turns towards to the camera, with his head looking at the rough surface of the cliffside he is stood upon. He looks up at the camera with the now familiar face finishing what he was about to say.

    "It doesn't matter to me whether the people committing all this wrong hate me because I plan on stopping them when I return to the squared circle. My name is Tyson Blade, and I will right every wrong in Precision. Whether they like it, or not."
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