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    You must now defend your title once every 30 days. If you don't, you'll be stripped of your title immediately. (A couple of days leeway say a PPV is on the 3rd, and then the PPV the month after is the 7th.)

    After each PPV the creative team will do a brief report on the match and the competitors. If we feel you aren't putting enough effort into your promos, you won't be booked on future shows until you show you've stepped up your game in dark matches and promos in this section. (Other competitors can use our template to give reviews if they want to, so long as they don't get personal and insult competitors.)

    Not so much of a change but more of a reminder, if you need help you contact Me, Shadow, Geekgoddess or CM Punk. But you must be willing. Don't just say "uh i dunno give me a storyline" - because then we might as well be in the match ourselves. Bring an idea, even a basic one like "I'm thinking about a dark match with Shadow" - something to work with, at least.

    Courtesy of @geekgoddess, here is some ideas if you're stuck on what to do:

    • Dat Kid (X Division)
    • Nickelodeon (X Division)
    • Forrest (X Division)
    • gav the chav (perhaps the X Division)
    • THG (X-Division)

    • Ovalhead (Intercontinental)
    • Danielson (Intercontinental)
    • B.Dazzle (Intercontinental)
    • Italianman3100 (Intercontinental)
    • Rhod (Intercontinental)
    So if you're on the list and you're not sure who to challenge, try one of the guys on your list.

    That's all for now.
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  2. LOL Dat Kid in x-division, sounds about right to me :awyeah:
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    Some more updates.

    If you know for definite that you're part of a "division" i.e. if you're challenging for the tag belts, you're part of the tag division, then we now have "division leaders." If you don't want to come to me with your idea (understandable, I wouldn't want to talk to myself) then you can talk to these people instead.

    Jonathan: IWT/World Heavyweight Title Divisions
    Farooq (Naked Snake): X-Division
    CM Punk & Shadow: Tag Team Division
    GeekGoddess: Intercontinental Division

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  4. Please welcome our newest member of the IWT Creative team, @Trip in the Head!
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  5. YAY, me and Fooq gonna shake this place up like a shake weight!
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  6. What if it weighs 20 tonne? like me
  7. Then it will be a strongman competition I suppose
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  8. http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Boss

    :mad1: Solid Snake is a clone
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  9. I tagged you as Solid Snake in the 2nd post as well but ninja-edited it. It's cause of Solidus, and Snake. FFS. Go back to Farooq :mad2:
  10. Thanks jen for taking farooqs' and I suggestions.
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  11. Final addition for today I promise. @gav the chav, welcome to IWT Creative!
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  12. We're having a party in that section guys! Woo hoo!
  13. Yes. Now it's time to use this advantage! No, no, just kidding. Or am I? I am. Or maybe I'm not!? No, I am.
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  14. Great stuff. Creative needed more guys.
  15. To the IC Division if I retain at Rumble I am going to have an open challenge for the title before EC so get your name out if your interested.
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  16. Me