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  1. Marcus Anthony walks out to the ring with Trip, Farooq, and Alias by his side and he has a mic in hand.

    Announcer 1: the look on Marcus' face is indescribable

    Announcer 2: after that attack on Britanica what's left of The Order?

    Marcus: What happened here tonight...was horrendous but also it left a void. A void that is what some may see as a chink in the armor but alas it will not be. I, Marcus Anthony have assumed control of The Order. My brothers in arms beside me I will lead us to the promised land. The land where revenge comes second to success. We will utilize very bit of rage, every bit anger, every bit of motivation to make us the elite of IWT.
    *crowd gives a mix of boos and cheers*
    Don't think for a minute that this pack of predators is going to change it's ways just because there's a new alpha......we're just going to be more dangerous. More calculating. More destructive because now, we aren't weapons at someone's disposal. We are weapons of mass destruction that are armed and ready for battle. No one is safe. No one will be spared. IWT...*crowd chants along* give in to The Order, while you all have a chance. Anyone who thinks they can run with us....come on out and let's see if you got what it takes.
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  2. *Brian walks out looking side to side looking angry wearing his vest reading Stone Cold on the back and blue jeans and no cap*

    "Shut the crap off! So this is what Trip was talking about? The Order the sum bitches who kick ass but the toughest S.O.B on the planet today can kick all your asses around left and right! But! that's not why Stone Cold is out here, Nuh Uh! I'm out here because i see something that can easily be taken down! But when i'm in this group of jobbers maybe you sum bitches can have a real man on in your clique! I ain't and never will be that S.O.B who sits their and recites crap like give into the Order, Why? because i don't do what you, them or anyone tells me!

    *Crowd Starts Chanting Order, Order, Order with a chorus of boo's*

    "Shaddup! The fact of the matter is i'm interested in this and that's hard to get Stone Cold interested in something that ain't stopin one into anyone!

    *Crowd Cheer's*

    But the only problem at hand is you have Trips in the group! That Sum Bitch can't run with me, gav or you guys to tell ya the truth! You want someone younger, hungrier and far more talented than Trips you got your man standing right in front of your beady eyes! So i'm out here to say this, You got me and you got Trip! You chose me and you get the toughest S.O.B on the planet today ridin in your van! You chose Trip and you got an old, sum bitch who's just as good as a jobber ridin in your guys back pocket and the second you get a title in view he's gonna jump off and snatch and run!

    So who's it going to be? the toughest S.O.B or a sum bitch?​
  3. OOC: Well I had a post ready to follow up immediately after Hammers. Guess it's rewrite time. Thanks a bunch.
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  4. *Trip steps forward looking annoyed*
    TRIP: Now now now Brian, you'll get yours. Just be patient. You are so eager to be buried in this industry. Its not even amusing at this point. *Trip just shakes his head and looks past Mandela* To the rest of you in the back, you all know we have a rather....involved initiation ceremony, but we promise it won't be TOO bad this go round. *Trip paces for a moment* We may have lost a leader but we gained so much more. My brothers and I are now free to to do exactly what we set out to do when we arrived. Right the wrongs in this insidious company. A company where a man who calls himself god brutalizes helpless men AND women while they are tied up in these very ropes. In front of all of you *crowd boos* In front of children even. *crowd boos even louder* A company where the top superstar who is so beloved by you people - *Joey Bryant chants start up* - that you are blind to his crooked ways as he follows this so called god. *the crowd has a mixed reaction to that* A company where wannabes show up to perform once a year and are cheered for like they never left. *Trip motions towards Brian Mandela on the ramp and continues* A company where newbies show up and rip off past successes and think they can use it to move up here. *crowd OHHHHHs at that* We are here to change all that and we will not be turned away. Once Marcus and I claim the tag team championships at IWTMania 2 from the has been champs we will be on but the first steps of the path to our final goal. IWT legends. Who amongst you in the back would be counted among us? Now is your chance to be a part of history gentlemen. Don't let it pass you by. *Trip steps back until he is leaning on the ropes*
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  5. I love the fact that people like you Brian come around and are so itching for a spot in IWT that you resort to having to imitate Stone Cold Steve Austin...

    *Marcus shakes his head and looks Brian dead in the eye*

    This is one of the reasons I'm gonna end The Dazzler at uprising and before that my brother Trip will show you and gav exactly why WE are the future. If it takes breaking guys like you down to get you to realize that you are better than needing to imitate someone who's had success instead of making a name for yourself. Brian you're gonna find yourself in a world of hurt son.

    *Marcus paces around*

    You really think I'm gonna pick YOU over the man that has fought with me in numerous wars. Who has bled with me. Who has created human wreckage with me like no other before. All you offer is a cheap copy of something that worked over a decade ago in another company. It would do much more for your career to get on your knees and give in to The Order.....unfortunately for you, WE DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO THOSE WHO DEFY US!

    *Marcus regains his composure*

    Brian, do yourself a favor. Go back to the locker room and take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself....what have I gotten myself into? Did I really dig my own grave? How do I get myself out of this?

    *Marcus laughs again*

    It's Brian. Run far far away and hope that you'll never cross paths with us again because WE will end you just like road kill left on the side of the road and we all move on not even glancing back in the rear view mirror to see if you would make it. Your "legacy" here ....will be an afterthought and the only way you'll be spoken of in IWT would be as a never was who couldn't hack it and got a very questionable victory. Even the sun shines on a dogs ass someday Brian. That day has passed.
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  6. I thought Steve Austin isn't in the IWT universe?
  7. OOC: We try to operate in the real world still I think. Not like Stone Cold never existed in the WWE, just that there is no SCSA in the IWT itself. People reference WWE stars sometimes.
  8. I do it on the reg.
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  9. WWE is just a different promotion. Same universe.