Changing of WWE Championship

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  1. *Dat Kid walks out looking exhausted, with bruises on his face from Victoria and Rodrigo*
    Announcer 2: Here comes Dat Chump From Jersey, inb4 he's knocked out again.
    Announcer 1: Look's like he still hasn't gotten his belt back from Rodrigo after he dropped it off in Brit's office
    Announcer 2: He probably has brain damage, can we get some orderlies out here
    Announcer 1: Well yeah he does look sort of off

    Last week I got embarrassed yet again but this time it was Rodrigo who we all thought retired. Now he's back and he took, no he stole my WWE Championship. Not only that, he did what I could not, and that's take out Victoria in that same encounter. Rodrigo has been a problem for me since I've been here and he's beaten worse than any other competitor I've faced. That is why...that is why at Payback I am calling for a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship.

    At such an appropriately named pay per view I get my payback on the two people who have screwed me over the most in this company. It just so happens to be the two people that I have never beaten, but have lost to. I understand that I might have the shortest WWE Championship reign soon, but before I do I wanted to do something for a long time. I might not be the WWE Champion after Payback but this match isn't a about a title, it's about revenge and I will stop at nothing to have it, even i it means losing the belt I have sought after for months. For the longest time I have had to fight for a championship that simply did not look like a championship, I'm talking about the WWE Championship. So, with that being said I would like to introduce everyone to the new WWE Championship.

    *An item wrapped in cloth is lowered to the ring and Dat Kid grabs it then reveals the new WWE Championship*
    Show Spoiler

    In two weeks I will put it all on the line to defeat the people who are seemingly can not be defeated by me. On June 16th I can have closure and retain the one thing I've wanted the most. After Payback there will finally be a time for peace for me and I can finally start the era of Dat Kid.

    *holds up the new WWE Championship*
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  2. 4/10
    Holds the championship for two weeks.
    Changes it.
    Loses the championship in two weeks time.


    Said the rock to cena. Lost the match one week later
  3. lol
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  4. *Adam is watching backstage*

    New title when he is gonna lose it? :russo:
  5. ROFL
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