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  1. Superstar Name: (Your character's name)

    Hometown: (Where do they reside?)

    Height/Weight: (How tall and how much does he/she weigh?)

    Superstar Attire: (What he/she wears to the ring, backstage optional)

    Superstar Gimmick: (The character's gimmick, what is his wrestling persona?)

    Finishing Move: (Finishing Move synonymous to your character)

    Signature Move: (Some flashy moves synonymous to your character)

    Other Moves: (Other moves they can do. Exclude basics such as gut kick, clothesline, punches, irish whip, back elbow, side headlock, collar and elbow tie-up....)

    Entrance: (Music and Actions)

    Alignment: (Heel/Face/Tweener)

    A few notices:
    Please don't take finishers, I don't really want to see 5 people having a chokeslam or brainbuster. Try and be diverse.
    You may use your Character from another fed if you wish
    Real Superstars - I'd prefer not to have them but at the moment I'll accept them. Subject To Change
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  2. Superstar Name: Mr. Wonderful

    Hometown: Hollywood, Florida

    Height/Weight: H: 6" 6' W: 246

    Superstar Attire: Airbrushed trunks

    Superstar Gimmick: Prima Donna

    Finishing Move: Wonderful Ending (A 1 minute hold suplex)

    Signature Move: Kinfe in the back (Spinning Neckbreaker from the top rope)

    Other Moves: The Swing (40 Time Cesaro Swing

    Entrance: Hip Twirl (Rick Rude, Dolph Ziggler) Rick Rude's V1 Theme Striptease

    Alignment: Heel
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  3. Can you elaborate more on the gimmick, prima donna means he's vain and conceited or he is a lead female opera singer
  4. Prima Donna: Complete compelled by his great physique, and in love with himself in a whole...
  5. Superstar Name: Aiden Ryan
    Hometown: Australia Character recently located in Houston Texas.

    Height/Weight: H: 5"9. W: 170.

    Superstar Attire: Black And White Striped Trucks.

    Superstar Gimmick: A big head, constantly flaunting he's success in the face of others while adding a little twist of humor on it at the same time. Always a good time unless provoked into a rage.

    Finishing Move: Texas Cloverleaf.

    Signature Move: Swinging Neckbreaker.

    Other Moves: Shinning Wizard, Round House, Missile dropkick , Tornado DDT.

    Entrance: Genre: Punk. Action: Running towards the ring with a slide in. (Further to be added onto)

    Alignment: Face (For Now.)
  6. Massive Ego/Funny Guy, can you say a little bit more about it as it is quite vague
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  7. Done. :)
  8. Superstar Name: Grimm

    Hometown: Parts Unknown

    Height/Weight: 6 feet 6, 260 pounds

    Superstar Attire: Dark Black vest and pants with chains around the sides. A skull and cross bones on the back of the vest. A black skull mask.

    Superstar Gimmick: A trained mercenary. Does what he wants or does what others want for a considerable fee. Is a skilled fighter and a weapons master. Stealth's around.

    Finishing Move: Bullseye (Running big boot)

    Signature Move: Powerbomb (Think Last Ride)

    Other Moves: German Suplexes, Discus Lariat, Double hand chokeslam, Big Splash, running European uppercut


    Actions: Serious. Eager to fight anyone. After every win, he pretends to snipe the guy in the head.

    Alignment: Tweener
  9. @Stopspot Dazzle beat you to one idea.
  10. ???
  11. Inside thing, don't worry about it
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  12. Ok.
  13. Superstar Name: Bruce Knight
    Born: Cardiff, Wales
    Resides: Liverpool, England.

    Height/Weight: 5'10. 190 lb

    Superstar Attire: Wears Long Green Tights with a red dragon on the side of them.

    Superstar Gimmick: British Invader who declares his victories to the Queen and lays a flag over his opponents bodies once he wins.

    Finishing Move: Welsh Destroyer (Canadian Destroyer X3)
    Signature Move: Bridging Double grounded chickenwing, Shiranui

    Other Moves: Tilt-a-wirl Crossbody, Backhand Chop, Clothesline, Flying Clothesline, Springboard Clothesline, Forearm Drop, Back Elbow, Corner Back elbow, Elbow Smash, Flying Forearm Smash, Double Knee, High Knee, Back Kick, Backflip Kick, Corner Backflip Kick, Dropkick, Enzuigiri, Jumping High Kick, Overhead kick, Rolling Wheel Kick, Spinning Heel Kick, Tiger Feint Kick, Flying Lariat, Leg Lariat, Back Punch, Mounted Punches, Cannon ball, Seated Senton, Standing Moonsault, Standing Shooting Star Press, European Uppercut, Knee lift, One Handed Bulldog,Michinoku Driver, Hurricarana, Frankinsteiner, Hurricarana Driver, Irish Whip,Chinlock, Fujiwara Armbar, Scissored Armbar, Chickenwing,Surfboard, Cloverleaf,

    Entrance: Theme - God Save the Queen.
    Actions: Knight comes out with a flag and a sign, which often has something bad written about it about America or whatever nation he's in (unless it's the UK). He waves his flag down to the ring, taunting the fans as he does so. Once in the ring, he hangs his flag up on the turnbuckle and begins to sign God Save the Queen, To the Anger of the American Crowd. He stops as the music finishes and His Flag is placed somewhere else by the ring crew.

    Alignment: Heel

    Sorry for the long list, I got the moves from my ACW signup....I can removes some moves if you want.
  14. Superstar Name: Justin Black
    Hometown: Detroit, MI.

    Height/Weight: 6' 4", 225lbs.

    Superstar Attire: Black combat pants(think Ambrose or Rollins from The Shield), a thick black belt with suspenders hanging from them(think Corey Graves), black combat boots, and black wrist tape. During his entrance he'll wear a black, tattered, cloth vest.

    Superstar Gimmick: A disturbed young man, hardened and unhinged from all of his experiences. He's also aggressive and very anti-establishment.

    Finishing Move: The Crossface, Tiger Driver '98

    Signature Move: Snap DDT, Vicious running lariat

    Other Moves: Superplex, Fujiwara armbar, Vertical suplex powerbomb, Jumping Cutter, Inverted Headlock Suplex, Modified Figure Four Leglock, Avalanche Double Underhook Suplex, Sit-Out Facebuster, Bridging Triangle Choke

    - Music;

    (I'll probably get a titantron made soon, so I'll update this)

    - Actions;
    *The lights dim, Justin comes out to a mixture of cheers and boos*(lol, jk)
    The camera pans to the entrance way, but no one comes out. The camera looks around and spots Justin in the crowd at the top of the stairwell, he makes his way down the stairs and hops the barricade. Justin rolls into the ring, locks eyes with his opponent, and smirks.

    Alignment: Heel

    I'm not sure how teams work in Fed-X, but Nick and I would be down to be a team.
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    Show Spoiler

    Superstar Name: Nick

    Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

    Height/Weight: 6'2 220 lbs

    Superstar Attire: An either black or a gray tattered leather jacket, unzipped with no shirt underneath along with solid black short tights. During matches, he removes the jacket.

    Superstar Gimmick: A disturbed man with multiple "issues" (multiple personality disorder, anger management issues). He spent a majority of his adolescence in asylums and on the streets. He never knew his father and his mother was a prostitute, which causes a lot of his anger. He is now out for vengeance, and takes pride in and enjoys hurting people. He uses his street brawling skills in the ring

    Finishing Move: Running knee smash (opponent seated in the corner)
    Discus forearm smash

    Signature Move: The Brooklyn Bridge (Cattle Mutilation)
    A combo of strikes, he gets his opponent on his knees and does as follows: jabs to the chest, left punch to the face, right punch to the face, kick to the chest and a finishing clothesline

    Other Moves: Eye Rake
    Michinoku Driver
    Sleeper hold
    Standing Leg Drop
    Suicide Dive
    Running Knee lift
    Jabs to the gut in the corner
    Low blow followed by a schoolboy

    Entrance: Music: Foxy Shazam - Seagulls Over Rhinoceros bay part 2 (Switchblade Conspiracy theme song)

    Action: He comes out a few seconds into the song, walking arrogantly and slowly. He is often holding a fork or a switchblade with him and taunts fans with it. He stands on the apron and hops over the rope, into the ring.

    Alignment: Heel
  16. Superstar Name: The British Kid
    Hometown: Essex,England
    Height/Weight: 5'8, 165
    Superstar Attire: a mask with a union Jack on it and knee pads and tights (think Evan Bourne)
    Superstar Gimmick: a funny guy but likes to be extreme and speaks his mind
    Finishing Move: God save the Kid(super kick) or the British Destroyer(Candian Destroyer)
    Signature Move: King Slow-mo (Slow-mo Knee drop) The British Wheel(Wheel-Barrow Suplex)
    Other Moves: Rolling Shoulderblock,Ensurguri,Shinning Wizard,Sucide dive,Reverse Powebomb,Falling Tornado DDT,Bulldog,Sit-out Spinebuster

    The British Kid walks out of the curtain and goes on one knee and points at his opponient for a few seconds untill he gets up and runs down to the ring and jumps onto the apron(like the miz) then gets on the turnbuckle and again points at the opponient for a few seconds then points at the crowd especially the ones who have a British Kid sign then he jumps down
    Alignment: (Heel/Face/Tweener)
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    Superstar Name: Ricky Bobby

    Hometown: Austin, Texas

    Height/Weight: 6'1" 210 lbs.

    Superstar Attire:
    Show Spoiler

    Superstar Gimmick: Race car driver trying out wrestling, redneck, comedian.

    Finishing Move: Shake And Bake (Diving Elbow Drop)

    Signature Move: Shining Wizard, Spinebuster

    Other Moves: Diving dropkick, Tornado DDT, Superplex, 360 Powerbomb, Running Clotheslines, Spear to ground and pound combo, Boston Crab, Running Splash (On ground), Foot Choke to turnbuckle, Oklahoma Slam, Samoan Drop.


    *There is a disco type lighting in the arena, the crowd cheers for the music. At 36 seconds of the song, Ricky Bobby walks out onto the stage with his arms spread and a smirk on his face. He embraces the crowds cheering and makes his way to the ring, screaming and cheering happily but ignoring the fans. He even taunts some of them, but they continue to cheer him. He makes his way to the ring and raises both arms on the turnbuckle.*

    Alignment: We'll go with Tweener.

    I wanted to have fun with this hahah. Always wanted to try it out and thought this would be a perfect place to try it.
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  18. Omg I have to go Cal.
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    Superstar Name: Cal Naughton Jr.

    Hometown: Austin, Texas

    Height/Weight: 5'11

    Superstar Attire: His Old Spice sponsored race suit.

    Superstar Gimmick: Ricky Bobby's (@DK James) best and longtime friend. A NASCAR racer sponsored by Old Spice. Loves Jesus, Ricky's wife, and is car number 47. Very southern with an accent.

    Finishing Move: The Magic Man (Like Matt Hardy's "Side Effect")

    Signature Move:
    Snap Suplex
    Diving elbow to the head (standing)
    Big Boot
    Uppercut (standing)

    Other Moves:
    Gut Kick
    Side Headlock (standing)
    Running clothesline from corner
    Diving crossbody

    Entrance: Pour Some Sugar on me by Def Leppard. He comes out driving his #47 Old Spice Race Car in Convertible form.

    Alignment: Face

    A few notices:
    Please don't take finishers, I don't really want to see 5 people having a chokeslam or brainbuster. Try and be diverse.
    You may use your Character from another fed if you wish
    Real Superstars - I'd prefer not to have them but at the moment I'll accept them. Subject To Change
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  20. Nice Creativity Friemaster