Character wish in a movie?

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  1. If you had the chance to be one character in a movie, going into any universe involving any movie, of any genre who would it be and why? For me it would either between Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures seen their movies.Calm down beautiful breeze hitting your face, fighting with Swords, possibly find a Wife in a end, only bad thing is you might get killed but a creature naked Davey Jones or the British Army oh well lol.If I had a second if would possibly be any Hobbit within the story of Tolkien, I love the scenery and the adventures good and bad the characters went through.You guys might think why put yourself into bad situations like that? I thrive in such situations and set up my game, that's how I've been in every part of my life, beating the odds where hope was lost.So what character would you be in a movie if you had your choice?
  2. Female characters are terrible, so I'm gonna say the Joker. Green hair, make up, and homicidal mania. :obama:
  3. I'd want to be Venom from Spiderman.
    Not only because Topher Grace was a terrible casting for him, but because Venom is my favorite villain and would be mad fun to play on-screen.
  4. Scott Pilgrim; Dat ending.
  5. John McClane.

    I love how his whole character was much different than the rest of the 80's action heroes (Schwarzenegger, Stallone, etc.) in that he wasn't indestructible but was more vulnerable than they were and not a human war machine who could tear through dozens of enemies without much effort at all. Of course, this ended up becoming more and more the case as the series went along but in the original film at least, he was a trained cop apt to deal with serious situations but was also the ultimate underdog who knew he could actually die at any time. That combined with a cool personality has kind of always made him one of my favorites.
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  6. Yippie Ki Yay MotherFucker
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  7. Catwoman. You seen it coming. :pity:
  8. [​IMG]

    I don't think i need a reason to be Peter