Storyline Charles Raynor Commercial

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  1. The commercial opens up with Charles Raynor beating down on a random wrestler. He hits the fireman's carry cutter and then locks in the Cyclone Clutch. The wrestler immediately taps out and Charles celebrates around the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope and a Pizza Delivery guy runs up to him with a box of Jeff's Pizza. Charles opens the box and grabs a slice and takes a bite.

    Yum, Jeff's is the perfect meal after a beatdown! And to wash it all down...

    Off camera someone tosses Charles a full handle of Hawkeye Vodka which he catches, unscrews the cap and takes a pull.

    Hawkeye Vodka! Only 11 dollars a handle! And after that's all down to relax...

    Charles Raynor pulls a two pack of grape swishers from out of tights and lights one.

    Swisher Sweets, the leader of the pack!

    Charles rolls back into the ring and re applys the Cyclone Clutch on the random jobber in the ring while smoking the swisher.

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  2. OOC: pretty crazy coincidence Charles Raynor and Dead End Hip Hop get sponsored by Swisher Sweets at the same time hahah
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