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  1. The @Charles_Raynor Twitter Account goes live on Periscope very late at night with instantly thousands of people watching. On the forward facing camera we see Charles Raynor smoking a Swisher Sweet Cigarillo wearing a black sweatshirt and thick rimmed glassed. He seems to be in his apartment against a white wall. He takes a few puffs and lowers the cigarillo down to his side so he can speak.

    Welcome back ladies and gents. Like I always say it is a pleasure to give you a raw piece of Charles Raynor. However, I don't think i've ever really meant it until now.

    Charles Raynor is slurring his words a tad its obvious he is intoxicated. He takes another puff of his cigarillo before continuing.

    You want to know what I think is fucked up? Take a look at IWT right. Nobody is more active than I am right? You want to know what I want to know? Where the fuck is Nick? Why does he have a title shot anywhere anytime he wants but he's never around? I don't see him at vice, I don't see him doing dark matches, I don't see him doing SHIT.

    Charles Raynor lifts the swisher up again and inhales so long and hard he smokes the rest of it down to the butt and flicks it on the floor. He laughs a bit and shakes his head he forgets what he was talking about and changes the topic.

    You think you're a celebrity Arno? Let me tell you about a celebrity.

    Charles flips the view to the front camera and scans the living room of his apartment. The several crushed beer cans on the floor and on his coffee table a handle of Hawkeye Vodka, wadded up 100 dollar bills, swisher wrappers, and a Jeff's Pizza Box. On the couch a girl is passed out face down wearing nothing but red shirt with "RAYNOR NATION" printed on the back in yellow lettering. He returns the forward facing camera.

    Ever since my debut in IWT I've been the big man on campus. That's right the Raynor Nation as made it's way to Ames that's for damn sure. The best part about it is I'm not sulking and crying all the time like you are. I get it to enjoy it. Hell if I was you and sucked this bad at wrestling I'd just quit and go back to what your good at, not torture yourself in IWT just go back to having fun.

    Charles back down and seems to start to focus hard and become serious.

    Ahh but Nick. You have kept your damn mouth shut this hole time i'm not even sure what I have to do with you. Why am I even fighting you at Dragon Rising? It doesn't make any sense. You're lazy and you expect to walk into the match and win and chances are you will and if you don't fuck it who cares? You still have a championship opportunity at the end of the day. Me on the other hand what do I gain from winning this match? Beating another "veteran" Artemis beat a "veteran" then he stepped up to me and got his shit kicked in, now he's back at the bottom of the barrel. And if I lose? Everyone is gonna say that Charles Raynor didn't live up to the hype. There's not much in it for me and not much in it for you either. No that's not how this is gonna go, not for me.

    Charles scratches the back of his head and ponders something for a moment then returns eyes back to the camera.

    Nick if you don't put your golden ticket on the line at Dragon Rising i'm not gonna be there. I'll forfeit the match. I'm sorry to all the members of the Raynor nation that bought their tickets to see me there but you have to understand, I'm walking into a trap at Dragon Rising, most people will fall for it but I sure fucking won't. You see that match at Dragon Rising is absolute bullshit. Nick has no risk and a reward at the end of the day. What do I have? A shit load of risk and no fucking reward. I know I tell everyone I accept all challengers that's a pretty big risk to take but I expect the people that answer that challenge to be risking something a little bit themselves. I'm not playing this game. Hell no.

    Charles Raynor walks over to his couch and pushes the women's legs off so he can sit down. He removes another Swisher from a wrapper and begins smoking it.

    This might be the stupidest thing I've ever done. But fuck it I don't care. No ticket no match. It's up to Michael or Nick to decide. I'm not gonna let them control me hell no, i'm better then that. I'm smarter then that, hell i'm the student. Raynor Nation I will see you next time.

    Charles Raynor ends the broadcast.
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  2. A video in response to Raynor's comments appears in video format, in direct reply to his via twitter.

    Nick is sitting on a couch, smiling into the camera.

    "I don't believe the bullshit that is coming out of your mouth. You have the audacity to call ME lazy, challenge my accomplishments and say I'm not doing shit. Well, I'll elaborate on all of that and debunk your bullshit you cocky little prick."

    He adjusts in his seat and the smile on his face disappears.

    "First off, how the fuck am I lazy? Sure, I may not be on VICE all that much recently, but I have been often in the past and have been doing so much more for this place for years. YEARS. I'm not doing shit? I saved this place. If it's not for me, you're not this 'big man on campus' around here. Me and Jack Forte revitalized this place and brought it back from the grave. And if it wasn't for me, your buddy Trevor never truly makes an impact in IWT. The amount of people I have put the good word in for, spoken highly of, put in good positions in their career is absurd, and I get no credit for it. I have paved the way for someone like you to come here and give yourself a shot to take on one of IWT's longest tenured superstars and TRULY show your stuff off to the world. What do you get from this match? Prove that you're no one hit wonder like so many 'next big things' before you. Show us that you're more than just hype. Show us that you're no Ami Enemi, Aiden Ryan, Harriet Vargas, Evander Amos or even a Trevor Raynor. Show us that you're here to stay and that we SHOULD believe the hype. Thats what's at stake for you here. That's why you should face me."

    "But your video showed me that that is what you really are. Smoking a swisher, showing off your various alcoholic beverages, a little bit of cash and bragging about that girl that you roofied was all I needed to see. You're trying to make yourself out to be some badass, creating some persona with all this grandeur around you when all you really are is a guy who couldn't hack it at his sport and failed to make it to the pros."

    "I have the Golden Ticket because I won a tournament for it. You can have your chance at it in a few months when the new tournament comes around. But Im not gonna put it on the line against somebody who had one match. A nice lad by the name of Ryan did this before too. Saying he demanded the ticket when he had just one match. And what was his fate? What happened to the last guy who did EXACTLY what you are doing now? He's gone. You think you're all high and mighty right now but the fact of the matter is YOU haven't done shit."

    Nick pauses and looks into the camera

    "No ticket, no match? Fine by me. I'll just find somebody else to fight."
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    Charles Raynor wakes up off the couch to a buzzing phone and quickly checks it, he has sobered up during his slumber. He views Nick's response and some of the hateful tweets he's receiving for threatening to forfeit the match. He quickly fire ups the twitter app and goes live on Periscope again

    Look Nick honestly you surprised me. I thought you would be the type of guy to respect my request for that golden ticket of yours. But lets get things started off by saying this since what you just saw was probably your first exposure to Charles Raynor. What you just saw was a side of Charles Raynor nobody has yet to see until tonight. To be honest i'm not totally proud of that side of myself but that's what the Raynor Nation loves, they love the unfiltered Charles Raynor because that side says and does things that shock people, he's little bit more arrogant, and that's what the Raynor Nation sometimes craves and I can't upset them as their leader. Nick I think this outburst of mine gave you the wrong impression of me. I don't know if you saw my interview after my match with Artemis but I tried to respect you Nick I really did. I said that you are smart for not putting that ticket on the line. But now as things begin to unfold it's just not smart to walk into this match while i'm the one with all the pressure on my shoulders. And look let's be honest Nick the Golden Ticket would fit better on someone like me. Someone that is hungry, someone that is this active in the IWT Universe. You may think that I'm not one that will stick around and that's a fair prediction given those who have come before. But just take a look at what i've been doing here in IWT and tell me i'm not someone who is in for the long haul. Promo after Promo I bust my ass.

    You may have paved the way for people like me and that's great Nick but what are you doing now? Maybe in a way you winning that golden ticket was a your peak, your one hit wonder as you call it, and now you've kind of faded into the background. If I had that ticket in my possession everyone would be talking about it, it would be a phenomenon here in IWT. But quite frankly Nick people forgot that that ticket of yours even exists. If you want credit for your accomplishments then you should be putting yourself in the spotlight instead of hiding from it. And c'mon Nick if your biggest gripe with me is that I smoke a little tobacco, have some pints, and get my dick wet then I tell you to grow up. Welcome to the lifestyle of the leader of the Raynor Nation. It's not pretty, it's not PG, but that's what i'm about like I say sometimes you see the unfiltered Charles Raynor and if that's too much for you then please just shield your eyes.

    One thing you did get right though Nick is that I don't have the right to make you put that ticket on the line and I get that. I have only had one match here and you putting me in the same sentence as the clown Ryan Davis was a wake up call for sure. Plus seeing the discontent I caused some of those in the Raynor Nation made me feel like a piece of shit I can't lie. I was just a little fired up but that's the only thing I regret saying or doing in that little rant. But Nick I still stand by the statement that you have no risk and all the rewards. Yes one reason to fight you is to prove i'm not a one hit wonder. But what's your reason to fight me? You just want to deflect another up and comer? You just don't like my lifestyle? No that's not enough for me Nick, there's no risk for you. So i'm willing to meet you halfway Nick. If I beat you at Dragon Rising and you go on to use that Golden Ticket and win the IWT World title, I want a shot at it. I mean it's only fair right? If I hold a victory over you it would only makes sense that I should be able to take you on again for the gold. That's my final offer Nick, I will be waiting.

    Charles Raynor ends his broadcast.
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  4. Nick once again replies in video format. The video begins with a smirking Nick.

    "Sure. You're on."

    "Critique me all you want. Just about everything has gone according to plan for me, and it will continue to do so. Fading into the background has been my plan all along. With time ticking it's soon time for me to emerge, and perhaps you can be the one to bring part of me out of the shadows and into the limelight. You are the leaf that must bathe in the sun, but I... I am the roots that have been growing in the dark this whole time."
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