Storyline Charles Raynor: The Student of the Sport

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  1. An Interview with Charles Raynor
    A female reporter is shown walking down the sidewalk towards the camera in daylight

    It’s Friday afternoon in Ames, Iowa and i’m here at Iowa State University to talk to Charles Raynor who just recently became famous for becoming the first ever collegiate Professional Wrestler. Charles Raynor is a 21 year old college student from Small Town Iowa. After signing with the wrestling promotion IWT he made history by being the first professional wrestler to do so while also attending college studying Professional Wrestling itself. I caught up with Charles Raynor at his campus apartment to meet the man behind the headlines.

    Shown now is Charles Raynor in his apartment on a couch in front of a coffee table prepared for the interview.

    First thing we’ll get out of the way Charles, your brother. Becoming the first ever collegiate professional wrestler isn’t the first time you’ve been in the public eye as you’re the younger brother of well known actor/musician Trevor Raynor who also had a stint in professional wrestling himself. Would you like to go into detail about some the differences and similarities you have with your brother, your relationship with him, and also touch on his professional wrestling career?

    Charles Raynor grins and nods at mention of Trevor Raynor and begins his answer with a laugh.

    Look me and my brother were never close. He’s alot older then I am so we didn’t really grow up together and as far as I can remember he’s been the star he is now. As for what me and my brother have in common i’d say our wrestling styles for sure. We were both trained in Kung-Fu at young ages and so much of my move-set is adopted from the Raynor Family line of martial artists such as Trevor had. When it comes to his professional wrestling career I think it’s pretty obvious he was just a flash in the pan, nobody would argue that point not even him. He was more focused on the show then the sport. He had one great match in IWT and he peaked right then and there. The biggest difference between me and my brother is that he’s a star and I’m a student. I consider myself a student of the sport. I’ve spent my life studying professional wrestling and training to be a professional wrestler, i’ve chosen it as my legitimate career path. Trevor just tried to make his mark in professional wrestling like he has his in acting and music career, add it to his list of accomplishments, he never really cared about the sport. That might not be what his fans want to hear but that’s the honest truth. I think what the IWT crowd will notice is that i’m coming to compete rather than just be a hype man.

    Now that that’s off the table Charles let's talk about representing Iowa State as a professional wrestler. What does it mean to you to make history as the first collegiate professional wrestler and represent your school like no other student athlete has?

    I know a lot of people think this whole thing is pretty bizarre. I could’ve have waited to finish school and then start my career as a professional wrestler. I thought about that a lot but I really wanted to do something different. You know I don’t even think making history like this is that important to me. Just being the first person to do it doesn’t make that person great, it doesn't make me great. I want to be the BEST of something. I don’t want to be remembered as simply “The First Collegiate Pro-Wrestler” I want to be remembered as the “The Best Collegiate Pro-Wrestler.” I know that sounds a lot like being just a hype man but I want to make my goals clear. Representing my school doesn’t start and end at the headlines. Representing Iowa State starts at winning matches and ends at bringing back championship gold for this university.

    Charles, you’re a Senior here at Iowa State so this is your last year here so you won’t be representing Iowa State for long. You’ve made it clear what your goals are as a student athlete but what about your other goals as a professional wrestler?

    I think I've made it clear that Professional Wrestling is going to be my career and I have lots of things I want to accomplish but, i’m not going to start off saying I want to be World Champion on Day 1. One of my major goals is to make the Raynor name great again. I think right now in IWT the Raynor name is pretty infamous. My brother made a lot of promises to the IWT Fans and Management he couldn’t keep. I want to reverse all the negative connotations my brother has given the Raynor name and I believe this interview right here is going to set things moving in the right direction. I don't want to be another overzealous character, I’m coming to IWT to get to work, compete, and earn my spot.

    The video transitions to the female interviewer walking down a different sidewalk path shot from sideways angle

    Charles Raynor. A young ambitious athlete like many here at this university. However few are making history and few are in the public eye such as Charles and none of which have have the sheer amount of pressure stacked on their shoulders like Charles Raynor has.
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