Storyline Charles Raynor v. Artemis finish + Post-Match Interview with Charles Raynor

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    Late into the match between Charles Raynor and Artemis, Artemis is looking to finish Raynor off. The match was mostly back and forth in the beginning but Artemis has gained the upper hand and has beaten down Raynor almost into submission. Raynor has been able to do significant damage to the neck and back of Artemis from repeated elbows and dropkicks to the back and neck and at one point locking in the Cattle Mutilation submission hold. But Now Charles Raynor lays face down in the middle of the ring after taking repeated strikes to all areas of the body. Artemis, whilst holding onto the back of his injured neck, points at Raynor’s head like a gun and pretends to shoot signalling he’s about to finish the job. Artemis brings Raynor to his feet and irish whips whips Raynor into the ropes looking for his finishing maneuver, the System Restore. Charles Raynor however, springboards off the middle rope and hits Artemis with a signature move of his own, the Cyclone Stunner! The crowd comes alive as Charles Raynor has willed himself back into the match. Artemis rolls out of the ring from the impact of the stunner and Charles Raynor collapses to one knee trying to catch is breath in the heat of the match. The crowd chants “RAY-NOR, RAY-NOR” giving Charles Raynor the motivation to get back to his feet. Raynor surveys the crowd before hitting the ropes, sprinting across the ring, and diving through the middle rope landing the Knee of Justice on Artemis on the outside of the ring! The crowd explodes as now Charles Raynor is looking to finish the job. Raynor gets to his feet and rolls Artemis into the ring. Raynor takes to the corner and points down at Artemis with a hand gun just as Artemis had done to Raynor before. Artemis eventually makes it to his feet, having to use the ropes for assistance. Raynor closes in on Artemis and lifts him up on his shoulders. Raynor lands the fireman’s carry cutter and quickly transitions into the Cyclone Clutch. Artemis has no choice but to tap out!

    The crowd erupts and Charles Raynor immediately releases the hold to celebrate the victory. Raynor goes to the top turnbuckle and raises one hand in triumph the other hand clutching his ribs. Raynor rolls out of the ring and embraces the crowd on top of the barricade. He makes his way back up the ramp giving IWT fans high fives the whole way. He makes one more stop on the stage and bows as the crowd is still applauding his first victory in professional wrestling.

    Backstage an interviewer approaches Charles Raynor as he is chugging a water bottle with a towel around his neck just minutes after his debut match.

    “Charles Raynor you just made your in-ring debut and you did not disappoint, defeating Artemis via submission. Before the match you and Artemis exchanged some heated words. How do you think the match went overall and what do you think about Artemis now having been in the ring with him?”

    “Well I think for the most part Artemis lived up to his own hype. Unfortunately for him though I lived up to all my hype. He promised everyone he would beat me and he didn’t and he will have to live with that fact. He can no longer say he’s the best in IWT and like I told him he’s gonna have some thinking to do after I make him submit. I’m not sure I can say I respect Artemis yet but I don’t have any contempt for Artemis either because he gave me a hell of a fight. I will be honest there was a moment in that ring tonight I wasn’t thinking about winning and I was thinking about survival so he was a tough opponent for sure no doubt about it. The crowd was on my side and they brought me back into the match after I hit that Stunner, honestly I could've just escaped right then and there when I had the chance. But when I heard that Raynor chant I realized something. I realized that I had just restored greatness to the Raynor name. Tonight the fans let me check a goal off the list and that’s bringing legitimacy back to the Raynor name and I can’t thank them enough for that. I also want to thank the IWT Universe for having my back tonight because if they didn't, I’m not sure I would have survived let alone win."

    "Charles you also said in your confrontation with Artemis that after tonight you would move on to to bigger and better things so let's talk about Dragon Rising. Rumor has it you will be facing the one and only Nick. Another rumor is that match will be for Nick’s golden ticket. Can you confirm or deny these rumors?"

    "Well I have been talking with the bookers in IWT Management and Nick has come up as a potential opponent for me but nothing is set in stone so we will have to see what happens. As far as the golden ticket goes I've said before I have no problem grinding my way up to the top. I’m perfectly fine earning a shot at championship gold without the need of a shortcut. But, if IWT Management decides they think I deserve a shot at the golden ticket I will absolutely take advantage of that. More importantly though I look forward to the next time I get to represent not only the Cyclone Nation but the newly found Raynor Nation as well."

    "Well that's all I have Charles, congratulations again on your win and I think I speak for everyone in the IWT Universe when I say we are looking forward to seeing you compete again at Dragon Rising."

    Charles Raynor nods his head and the video fades out.
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