Charlie Haas just retired from Pro Wrestling.

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  1. He announced on Twitter he was retiring from pro wrestling. There will be no retirement match or retirement tour like others have done. He wants to be more of a father to his child so his hanging up the boots.

    Link: https:emoji_confused:/
  2. :yes: Never liked the dude. Here's what controversy happened on a ROH show:

    http:emoji_confused:/ :cornette::cornette::cornette:
  3. Sounds like a crybaby.
  4. "I've turned my spandex in for scrubs" is the new "I'm a pissed off drunk". :pity:
  5. Haas & Benjamin has good ring skills but has low charisma
  6. Fuck. One of the best things about current ROH gone. Asshole Charlie Haas was a glorious gimmick.
  7. Is this possibly a work? It does fit the asshole gimmick after all.
  8. A work is likely. It's just one week until Supercard. Either this is a work or something major happened within his personal life that pushed him into retirement.
  9. Hopefully it isn't.
  10. what u got against the Haashole?
  11. If true it's too bad, he finally found a gimmick that felt right. Hopefully it's just a work.
  12. I got nothing except that he's boring.

    I might change my opinion if you could link me some Haashole schtick. :ryan:
  13. I was enjoying his current gimmick as well. Hope this is a work.
  14. - PWInsider

  15. Also @testify you wanted some of his new gimmick?

    #Haashole :obama:
  16. Charlie Haas, didn't he partner with Shelton Benjamin awhile ago?
  17. They've been tagging for years. Both in and out of the WWE. Their tag team only died recently in ROH since Shelton tried to get back with the WWE and went to Japan for a while. Charlie thus became the Outlaw. They were supposed to have a match on the 5th at Supercard of Honour.
  18. I didn't know. I basically just watch WWe all the time.
  19. There are multiple other companies other than WWE out there that can provide a nice wrestling alternative. ROH (Ring of Honor) which this thread is about is the company that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk made their names in before coming to WWE. Bryan even helped found it.