Charlotte needs to step up now

Discussion in 'NXT' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 30, 2014.

  1. Charlotte needs to step up now shes the new NXT womens champion. Paige set the bar as the first NXT womens champion so Charlotte has to do the same now no half assing it in the ring now shes champion
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  2. They make Charolette look like a giant in the ring but she's only 5'10 I guess.
    Does anyone know how long Charolette's been wrestling, I tried to look it up but turned up zilch, seemed she was more of a volley ball player and personal trainer most of her life, I think BLFFL the reason she doesn't look so good in the ring is because she's still kind of raw to the activity. I don't know if she'll be able to live up to what Paige did in NXT but who knows, it really depends on the booking. You're right though if it is because she's half-assing it she definitely needs to step up.
  3. Nice to see you making constructive views towards Charlotte. I personally am not a fan of her but predicted she would of won this, @Trip in the Head @Sharpy Sandow, I expect a celebration for that.

    Now's the perfect time to bring in the talent of, Banks, Bliss, Bailey, and create unique storylines.
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  4. I like how you tell her she needs to step up now she's champion when she's only just got it, it's like she's been champion for months and has put on bad matches
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  5. I KNEW IT! I called that one when the tournament started! I even said it would probably come down to Natty and Charlotte in the finals. Here's my question though - if she's now the NXT women's champ how much more "stepping up" can she do until she is moved to the main roster?
  6. Ha you posted yours right before I did mine and I say basically the same shit
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  7. The Shade... The Shade...
  8. The Shad?
  9. Banks, Bliss, and Bailey - 3FB???
  10. ToT

    The Titty Trio
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  11. HAha, I was trying to come up with something B related as their names all start with it though.
  12. The beautiful bunch?
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  13. Ha not bad, but I would rather see The Beautiful Bitches lol. Not really a name for Bailey though. She should turn heel! No one would see it coming!
  14. Damnit PG!
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  15. In my opinion I dont think Charlotte will measure up to what Paige has left behind in NXT with how she was NXT womens champion. I think her reign wont be as long and she will drop it unexpectly to someone else. I thought the NXT womens title would of gone to Bayley as she is the top face in NXT now and she has good skills. Charlotte I think only got the title cos of her family background
  16. There's very little truth to this, but never the less truth!
    Charolette did put on a VERY good mach vs Natty at Takeover so who knows we may be seeing it start there, but I kind of agree Charlotte really seemed rather bland before this match, even leading upto the finals IMO... even for it being a Divas division which more times than not are pretty bland.
  17. The match was good but Charlotte doesnt seem to have that personality and she will really need to work hard to get herself over as the champion
  18. From the crowd reaction, she's over with the NXT audience. Also, she worked a hell of a match. I'll agree that she's not as good in-ring as Paige, but that's not a huge deal. Nattie's probably part of her training and she'll continue to prosper continuing she's got Nattie and Sara Del Rey teaching her how to go.

    Charlotte will do fine. She'll probably drop the title at some point either to Natalya or to Bailey, but get it back as I think she'll continue to basically work heel. I would actually love to see her and Sasha Banks against each other (and I figure we'll get that feud before it's all said and done).

  19. I can't remember is Summer Rae still doing BFF stuff or is she officially out? If she's still in there I can see them bickering and moaning at eachother during matches and causing eachother to lose or something and then they could do a triple threat between Summer/Charlotte/Sasha for the divas title which I think would be a first for the NXT Divas division.
  20. I heard Summer Rae's in the new Marine movie (with the Miz) and she was off TV for a while working on the movie (that would also explain why she split with Fandango).

    I don't mind the idea of the three of them having a 3-way.........:gusta:.....I mean, a 3-way feud for the NXT Women's Championship. That would be cool.

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