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  1. *Harriet walks slowly down the ramp, but her mask and hoodie are missing. She ignores the jeers from crowd, grabbing a mic from an assistant before making her way up the stairs and stepping between the ropes*

    My time in the company so far has been...checkered at best. I got a few wins, but none of those mattered to people, right? I'm still told 'come back when you can get a win.' *Harriet looks disgusted* I'm still hated, not taken seriously... and yet always talked about.
    *The crowd errupt with cheers*

    But I also took losses- I can't deny that. I've taken more losses than I have wins, in fact. And most of them are thanks to your X-Division champion...Nick. *The crowd cheer* A title that should have been mine. But that wasn't enough for him- No, he then took MY contract for the chance to face Alias for the WHC.

    But it's okay... He'll get exactly what is coming to him. I'll keep training, fighting hard and not only will I leave him in a bloody heap, I'll take out bigger and stronger fighters than Nick. I'll take out those who even beat Nick.

    Now the question is... Who is going to be my next victory against?

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  2. *The arena turns dark as Sackfist appears in the ring wearing his now trademark green cloak*

    Harriet, if you are looking for a challenge, for someone who is a better competitor than the X-Division Champion, look no further, myself and Farooq started the division, I already hold a victory over the man who has given you many defeats. If you truly need a victory over Nick to satisfy your ego, then I am your opponent.

    I took a fall at MITB, but I am not at the bottom, my IWT Title shot is still in the sky, the climb has become a longer journey than I anticipated, like my time in IWT, I take the path less travelled and I earn my shots. A win over yourself Harriet will benefit the both of us, for there are 1000 lessons in defeat. I say Harriet Vs. Sackfist at Summerslam is the start towards earning the gold, if you do hunger for a victory, over a bigger and stronger talent, then prove it to me, prove it to the fans and prove that you will not Fail IWT by stringing another loss.

    Do you accept my challenge?
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  3. Sackfist, I'll see you at Summerslam. *Harriet drops the mic in the centre of the ring, she smirks at Sackfist and mouths the word Challenge before laughing. She steps between the ropes and jumps off the apron, heading towards the backstage area.*

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  4. Marked. Dank new theme lady.
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  5. She's had that for a while if I remember correctly.
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