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    Michael is sitting his office. His jet black hair is slicked back, similarly to his black suit and white silk shirt. The IWT World Championship is propped up on his desk. The lights are a soft shade of yellow, and a small fire in the fireplace is burning. He has an ashtray on the desk, with a burnt cigar laying inside.

    Michael: Last night, I destroyed Gav the Chav. I loved every moment of it, at the time. I enjoyed killing another cockroach. Supreme ended his little fantasy, and I was there to witness it first hand. I couldn't have been happier at the time. It reminded me of ending Aids Johnson's career. It reminded me of destroying his childhood. It reminded me of holding this IWT World title for the first time, in my career. But unlike those moments, the high and adrenaline didn't last. In fact, I actually feel bad for Gav the Chav. I mean he came out, looking all pretty, and he ended up getting destroyed by Ryan Davis, Schizo, Braedon Cross and myself. I can't say I didn't laugh at you, when you thought you were hot shit. But even I have a heart.

    Michael takes one big whiff from his cigar.

    Michael: So, I want to offer my own challenge to Gav the Chav. He faces me in a non-title match on VICE. If he beats me, he will get a reward that is yet to be announced. If he loses, he can never face me for this title! What do you say, cheeky ****?

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