Storyline Chip redux......or sumthin'

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  1. *Chip walks towards the ring and tries to high fives the fan with the "homerun chip" sign. Unfortunately, he misses the kids' hand and inadvertently high fives the mother of the kid in the bosom. Chip then runs the rest of the way to the ring*

    Chip: Chip is in da building! *the crowd erupts in a mixed reaction of boos and laughter*

    Tss, I know why you cocksuckahs are booing me. You're just jealous that your girlfriends want a ride on my peckah! *snicker* woo woo all aboard the chippah express or sumthin'.

    Everybody wants a piece of Chip. Who wouldn't want to be around da greatest of all time? Chippersizing is taking over da globe, girls want me and guys wish they could be even a little bit like me. There's only one Chippah! Since I'm such a rare *chip pulls out a dictionary and reads:* Spes-seamen I've been getting offers for all over da place or sumthin' I'm here today to reveal who got lucky. Come on out!
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  2. Michael walks out still wearing a neck brace, and Michael walks out with one crutch for his right leg. He makes it to mid ramp before he begins to speak to Chip.

    Michael: Insurance is the greatest assurance and Chip you will be the first to find that out. You've stepped onto Path C, the road to greatness, and you won't be disapointed because in the end you'll be rewarded for making the only choice that can help you while you help others. I'm glad Senhor Perfect taught you a thing or two over in his school in Canada, and even though that vile, old, asswhipe of a man is no longer in the IWT...he sure did manufacture a..."character."

    Michael walks down and rolls into the ring.

    Michael: You made the right choice and you've made the smart choice. Unlike my opponent in a few days, Joey Bryant, who took the wrong turn on the wrong road. He may walk out the victor, but I can guarantee he'll walk out a damaged man. Now, to make this official.

    Michael extends his hand waiting for Chip to shake it.
  3. Chip: where I come from we don't shake hands, bring it here! *chip then begins a long and awkward hug*
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  4. Michael forces himself out of the hug, and he raises Chip's hand as Michael's music plays out.
  5. Fuck already. You know you want to.
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  6. We already did.
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