Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno's) Promo in FCW

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Crayo, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Superstar of the week, let's hope he's not there long.
  2. In both the promos he has delivered at FCW I've enjoyed the content but not the delivery. Seems too forced almost..
  3. 2nd one beats the first by a mile. I liked this one quite a lot.
  4. Good promo looking forward to seeing this guy in the big time soon!
  5. I can't feel this guy tbh. And what is Kassius Ohno for a name, damn.. They really should have given him a better one.
  6. If he's used properly no one is going to give a damn about the name.
  7. Just doesn't sound well imo. :upset:
  8. It is horrible but so were names like The Rock, his talent can make it work.
  9. Dolph Ziggler is a terrible name but he's becoming a fan favourite now :)
  10. Yeah but the Ohno part sounds too Japanese to me..
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