Chris Hero vs CM Punk

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  1. Chris Hero is an absolute amazing performer, and so is CM Punk as well. I've really taken a liking to Chris Hero though. The dude is incredible..


    A promo by Chris Hero

    Look him up, I'm telling you, he's absolutely boss.
  2. You know he works for WWE now right?
  3. That first video is full of hardcore epicness.
  4. Under what name????

    Oh, in FCW, Kassius "KO" Ohno.

    The dude is a complete boss.
  5. Kassius Ohno. Learn to watch NXT young Padawan. Antonio Cesaro is his old tag team partner from the indies and one of his old rivals from Ring of Honor - Tyler Black - is the current NXT champion Seth Rollins (he's also an absolute beast in the ring)
  6. NXT > All
  7. I love this guy.. I personally think that Chris Hero is even greater than CM Punk when it comes to in-ring ability and promo's. I wish they would face each other again. Or even him and Daniel Bryan.
  8. Ohno and Cesaro worked a tag match against Punk and Rollins as a dark main event at one of the latest NXT tapings
  9. Promos? :haha:
  10. Agreeing with Crayo here. Ohno is great in the ring but he is nowhere near Punk on the microphone. He is good but he is not CM Punk
  11. Well, I might have over exagerated on that one.. He is great at everything though. He's not better than D-Bry in-ring though, I will say that. I'm about to post my favorite match of all time with Daniel Bryan in it.
  12. I love Kassius. Looking forward to catching up on some of the NXT episodes whenever I find the time (ha) primarily so I can watch him and Rollins. I would have loved to be able to actually see the NXT match with him, Punk and Rollins all in the ring together. That would have been a huge mark out moment for me -- love all three of those guys.
  13. I don't know why, but as of now, Chris Hero my #1 favorite wrestler of all time. I wish WWE would hire him on RAW, and push him to the top, but if they did that, it would be a let down. WWE masks most superstars abilities, so Hero would only be performing 1/5th of his true talent in-ring.
  14. You do change your favourite a lot though. I remember when you despised Jericho and loved Cena (you might still love Cena), but you were a huge Jericho fan recently lol.
  15. He doesn't even touch (Have I used a real expression here or does this just sound inappropriate?) CM Punk when it comes to microphone skills. From what I've seen of him he's pretty awesome though, liked him ever since he wore those epic sunglasses on NXT a couple of weeks ago.
  16. Lol it's the right expression, you just gay'd it up. :yay:
  17. Just like I intended to :gusta:
  18. I don't like him on NXT. WWE is not letting him use his true talent. That's a fifth of what he's capable of.

    Also, Crayo, I know I change my favorite a lot, but not really changing my favorite of all time if you know what I meant. My favorite of all time was Randy Orton up until today when I watched a lot of Chris Hero.

    Chris Hero is truly amazing in my eyes.. I know people might think I'm googoo gaga over him, but you know..
  19. I probably do need to go back and watch more of his matches as Chris Hero. Also, he's one of the ones who was interviewed to appear on the CM Punk documentary DVD.
  20. Sorry if i sound dumb saying this who is Chris Hero? Never heard of him?