Chris Jericho Has A Lot of Gut

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Captain of Peepulation, Jun 24, 2013.

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    He send it from twitter.
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  2. Chris Benoit was a very good friend of his. He isn't promoting or mentioning Benoit on WWE television or anything so I don't think this should be an issue.
  3. Who's Benoit?
  4. What's WWE going to do? Fire him?
  5. This hasn't been the first time he's done it either.

    Twitter is technically outside of the WWE Universe though, and Benoit and Jericho were close so of course Jericho would want honour a deceased friend.

    I don't see what WWE could possibly do to Jericho, it isn't like he's saying his name or anything..
  6. Well I heard Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit STEVIE RICHARDS were good friends.
  7. He mentioned him in his book too better fetch the gallows. Benoit is a huge part of Jericho's life it seems (read his book they were obviously tight) so obviously he'll want to acknowledge the memories they shared occasionally.
  8. But aren't we in the "reality era" now, where WWE promote superstars' social media pages at every opportunity and the accounts act as an extension to interact with fans and so on? I think he'll get a telling off and he won't care as he's leaving next month. If it wasn't Jericho but some young guy then it would probably be worse.
  9. I'd say that there's only a handful of superstars that can get away with making a Chris Benoit reference, and Jericho is one of them. I doubt Vince will be thrilled at the post though.

  10. I've always hated people calling it the "Reality Era" as I don't think there is really a big enough difference just because of Twitter and Facebook and social media to say we've stepped foot into a whole other era. Besides, wrestlers also mention stuff out of character/kayfabe too, but WWE don't have an issue with that since it's their own personal Twitter page. It's the same with how they also promote wrestlers' autobiographies on the show, too... Even though the books themselves tell everyone wrestling is fake and reveal a whole bunch of backstage stuff about wrestling and about the person behind the character that they'd never think to mention on the show itself.

    As long as they don't promote that on the show though, it's considered alright. Same logic here. If WWE mentioning Chris Benoit on their website isn't considered a big deal, I can't imagine that Jericho posting a picture of Benoit (a former friend of his) would be either.
  11. It's the anniversary of Benoit's death. Jericho is not the only wrestler tweeting on this.