Storyline Chris Kaizer on the State Of IWT.

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  1. Chris Kaizer walks out to a bunch of boos. He slowly walks down to the ring. He steps into the ring and grabs a mic.

    Chris Kaizer: Rough crowd.

    Crowd boos more

    Now, we are approaching the IWT Slammys. I felt like, I was obligated to...speak my mind on the state of IWT. Now, I don't care if you don't think I should, I have a job, you are living off the Government's support. Now, let's start with..the X-Division Title. Now, many, and by many I mean your World Champion and my buddy, AIDS Johnson. Think David is the best champion in IWT.

    Crowd cheer in agreement

    Wrong. Call me a hater, call me ignorant. Call me anything, but just know this. David's last two challengers were jokes. I could pull two better wrestlers out my ass! David, find a real challenger, maybe then...I might be convinced. Now, I move on to...the Tag Titles and division!

    Crowd cheer

    We have a new tag team in town! JOEY BRYANT AND SOME RANDOM GREEN GUY! Well, if you want to parody the Blue Men Group, there ya go. Now, Joey was unsuccessful in beating AIDS and Victoria for the Wolrd Champion, he lost to AIDS again. So now he has to go and tag because he knows he can't do it all by him self. He needs someone to carry him if things go bad. Just like Ben Dover.

    Crowd boos in the name drop

    Then you have the tag champs, B.Dazzle and Gav The Chav. I like Gav, I visited him in the hospital earlier this week, but Dazzle on the other hand. Ugh, where do I start? You are like the Fandango of this company, everyone cares for a second, and then you are gone from our memory. It's a disgrace that you hold two belts! Let alone one! You should thank Gav, because without him, you would only be another version of Zack Ryder.

    Crowd start chanting "WOO! WOO! WOO!"

    Aids is gonna love me for this! Now, what else...oh, the World Heavyweight Champion! The only good thing about IWT. AIDS Johnson is the World Heavyweight champion. Thank god Victoria didn't win, because wrestling is for men...not suicidal animals.

    Crowd boo loud

    What the hell? Victoria Parker has fans? Bigger surprise than ??? being ?????. Now, AIDS is one of the very few people I respect here in IWT..the other one being Gav. I just hope to god, when the day comes, when I win the Royal Rumble, he is still the IWT World Heavyweight Champion. Then we have Dat Kid and Frank The Fucker Jock!

    Crowd boo louder than ever

    I know, I hate them both too, but face it. FTJ is the BIGGEST DRAW EVER! He is bigger than AIDS...sadly. Bigger than Dat Kid. Bigger than Crayo. Bigger than Farooq. Bigger than Gav. BIGGER THAN ANYONE ELSE! Why? Because just like Hogan, everyone hates him...but still tune in and watch every week...just for change that. Make sure that son of a bitch loses to Dat Kid, not for Dat Kid's win-lose record...but for the sake of other people needing to get in the spotlight, because if FTJ stays around for too long..well..we all end up like the X-Division title..forgotten and irrelevant.

    The crowd boo as Kaizer drops the mic and walks up the ramp while his theme plays
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  2. Fixed that for ya babe.
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  3. OOC: I was listening to your theme while I was reading your promo and then I got to your sig of big show dancing and it went to the beat of the song. I lol'd. Nice promo too
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  4. OOC: So, my name wasn't mentioned? Ok.
  5. OOC: Love the My Time theme and shocked I wasn't mentioned. -1 for my ego. Good stuff
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