Storyline Chris Kaizer's message to Bruce Knight

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  1. *Chris Kaizer is in his locker room as 'Who Are You?' plays in the background*

    Kaizer: Now, Mr.Knight is in Philly, my home town. Don't know what you are doing in that fucked up town of poor failures in life. Now, at the IWT Slammys, it will be yours truely, taking on the one and not known, Bruce Knight. Now, Brucey and me go...2 or 3 months back. He is right, the owner of PWR thought he could afford the hottest Free Agent in the business, me. Well, that didn't work out. Now, I'm here in IWT because Dat Kid can't run his own company, but back to Bruce Knight. As a Jew, I am highly offended with you spreading Christmas joy. I also just don't like you. In fact I hate everything you stand for. I hate your boots, your hair, your eyes,your mother,your dead beat father, your piece of shit wrestling skills, and the fact that you stole Bruce Wayne's name. I know we aren't the biggest draws here, and I'm pretty sure no one cares about our match, that doesn't affect me though. Why? Because at least I get to kick your ass. Now, if you excuse me, I am going to shoot this camera because I have low self esteem.

    *Shoots the camera*
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