Storyline Chris Kaizer's Musical Treat to David

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  1. Chris Kaizer walks out with a guitar. The fans are booing.

    Cut the music! Tonight, I will be doing the music...the guitar playing..and the singing!

    The fans boo as Kaizer has a huge smile on his face.

    First of all, these songs go out to my oppenonts at the Royal Rumble, the X-Division champ, David, and former Cure member, Alias Antonio.

    The crowd cheer for Alias

    Now, this first song goes out to David

    Kaizer clears his throat as he starts to sing

    Just like your title reign
    This song is shite
    You say you are the best
    Yet you haven't been given a test!
    Your biggest challenge was Bruce Knight
    Yet you are the Black Knight!
    Now your time is up!
    Now the roles have changed!
    Now I am stealing your gold!

    The crowd boo at the racist line

    You can go home to your kids to-...........Nevermind, black dads always run away. Just like you will at the Royal Rumble.

    The crowd boo as Kaizer walks to the back

    OOC- I really wasn't a fan of this, maybe I should stop trying to be @gav the chav
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  2. 5/10 not bad but could be better
  3. I sadly agree.
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