Voting Christian and Gav the Chav Interact - One on One (Rap Battle)

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Who Won?

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  1. Gav the Chav

  2. Christian

  1. - Christian is on his phone in the backstage area
    - Gav the Chav appears

    Christian: You're... gav the chav, right?
    Gav the Chav: The one and only. Listen, I want to be the first superstar to congratulate you on The Peep Show and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.
    Christian: Yeah, thanks. I'll congratulate you too when something good happens to you.
    Gav the Chav: You can congratulate me when I take the World Heavyweight Championship off your shoulders.
    Christian: Oh really? You think you're capable of actually beating me? Good one.
    Gav the Chav: Yeah and in any way possible.
    Christian: Oh really? I'd love to see that.
    Gav the Chav: What about right here, right now?
    Christian: Are you a comedian or something? As you can see I'm not dressed for the occasion for a match and I have better things to do than to fight you.
    Gav the Chav: You don't even have any friends, who the hell are you even texting?
    Christian: I DO HAVE FRIENDS! Alright, that's it. You pick any match right here, right now.

    - Gav thinks for a good 20 seconds

    Gav the Chav: Lets do... a rap... battle

    - Christian hesitates and thinks in his head (fuck)

    Christian: Pfft, you're on. You can go first.

    @gav the chav

    OOC: Five promos each sound good?
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  2. (Gav the chav) hit that fucking music gavs gunna do this the way he knows how to

    *music plays*

    Oh when you smells someones feet
    And it smells so sweet
    Thats Christian

    When your fucking a canadian
    and you turn her lesbian
    that is Christian

    @CM Punk your move
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  3. Your name is GAV THE CHAV
    What are you, stupid?
    You picked a bad day to get me mad
    You finna end up wounded
    Your mom's a really dirty whore
    She slept with the entire roster
    We all gave a name to her
    She is the Middlesborough Monster
    And she ain't even bad in bed
    She's actually pretty awesome
    Although, she has a faggot son
    And he's the fucking problem
    So go back to England and sip your cup of tea
    I'mma entertain my fans here and call them my peeps!

    - Christian starts beatboxing
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  4. (Gav the chav) Pfft pathetic this us how us chavs do it

    when you're no longer the iwt co owner
    and you can't get a boner
    that is Christian

    When Canada fucking sucks
    and nobody gives zero fucks
    that is Christian

    @CM Punk
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  5. Yes, I can get a boner.
    It's a real known fact
    If you don't believe me, you can go and ask your sister.
    Because I hit her up too from the back.
    Anal bleeding did happen
    But she enjoyed it anyways
    When I was done with her
    She licked it like it was some huge buffet

    You say that Canada sucks...
    But you're from the UK?
    That's like your country invading the US
    You'll get demolished in under a day

    Whack ass son of a bitch, go @gav the chav
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  6. When you think this place is corrupt
    And your penis is about to erupt
    that is Christian

    you lit know this next one sing it with me

    when your fucking a horse
    And you show no remorse
    That is Jonathan and of course Christian

    @CM Punk
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  7. These are absolutely hilarious. Good job guys
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  8. This is pathetic.
    I'm wasting my time here rapping with you.
    I won't gain anything out of this and every accusation you made is untrue.
    In this world I'm the lion... you're the cat.
    I'm your master, now go back to your cage you no good brat.
    I'm a two time World Champion.
    And you have four losses to your name.
    If I were you right about now
    I'd be heading towards the hall of shame

    You're a bitch and you should know your role
    I'm about to leave right now and check into the Smackdown Hotel
    You stay here
    You aren't worth a dime
    You can go and make money the way your mom does
    By spreading her behind

    OOC: Should we end here?
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  10. Dat Kid and Farooq @Naked Snake stand backstage together for the 1st time ever in IWT history. They stand watching the match with this face with blank expressions on their face. Dat Kid looks over at Farooq.

    You gonna say it or am I?
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  11. Dem white boys are at it again.
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  12. I would wreck you both so bad lol
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  13. So you're saying everybody gives many fucks then? #GrammarNazi2014
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  14. Okay
  15. I was planning on voting for this after Raw. I gave a shit, good work.
  16. you know its true boo
  17. I said it in Showoff already. My first one was the best. The rest of mine were whack.
  18. How did this match come to be? I want one, only with recorded raps instead of lyrics only

    @Dat Kid you down?
  19. The first post explains how it went down.
    In reality: I was really bored and I asked anyone in IWT creative to face me in a rap battle. Thankfully, I wanted to lose this match and did.