Storyline Christian and Jwab - Post Mania

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  1. Christian walks out on stage with Jwab behind him to a huge ovation. The post-mania crowd filled with smarks are on their feet and go insane. Christian and Jwab continue to walk down the ramp and into the ring. Christian taunts Jwab to grab a microphone for him.
    Jwab exits the ring in shame and grabs a microphone. He comes back into the ring and hands the mic to Christian while looking discomforted and embarrased.

    The crowd starts chanting for Christian as he looks on in amusement.

    Christian: Last night at IWT Mania, I kept my word, shocked the world and did exactly... what I said I was going to do! I have this feeling inside of me that is hard to describe. So what I'm going to do... is I'm going to quote one of my favourite professional wrestler from back in the day to express how I feel. This quote symbolizes how I live life each and everyday... [Christian clears his throat.]

    "In my lifetime, I've learned hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don't last. But bad guys do!"

    Christian starts laughing and looks onto Jwab who has his head faced down. The crowd cheers loudly for the quote that was just said.

    Christian: Now... I think it's only fair... Jwab...

    Christian closes up to him and puts his arm around his shoulder.

    Christian: That you tell us, who won lasts night ladder match between you and I?

    Jwab continues to look down in embarrassment

    Christian: Tell me, who were wrong about who was going to walk out victor last night?

    Jwab doesn't respond to him and continues to look down to the mat.

    Christian: Who thought that you would walk out the winner? Who thought that Christian was all hype? WHO IN THE WORLD THINKS THAT YOU'RE AN A+ PLAYER?!

    Jwab continues to to look down in shame and doesn't respond. Christian looks at Jwab and smirks.

    Christian: You can't recall, can you? Well let me refresh your memory. I was the one who walked out standing tall at IWTMania, YOU were the people [Points at audience] who gave this man that stands right beside me false hope! The reason he is this way is because of you!

    The crowd starts cheering rather than boo'ing

    Christian: Now Jwab, I know that you're feeling a bunch of emotions right now, that you can't even look at these people that surround you face to face... but I'm giving you one chance to explain to the ENTIRE world, what transpired last night at IWTMania 2! And I'm not asking you... I'm ordering you...

    Christian hands Jwab the mic
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  2. Jwab grabs the mic and slowly brings it up to his mouth*
    I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I failed you...... I'm sorry that I didn't try to win and now I'm the servant of this egotistical douche!

    *Gains a little smile*
    But, I want to tell you guys the real reason I didn't win..... I didn't even try. I looked at the ratings and it seemed that more people were interested in Roadster or whatever that faggots name than Christian and I's contract signing or our brawl or anything we were in.... You fans don't truly care about me so I don't care about you! After weeks of build.... Everyone forgot about our match. They were more focused on a jobber match like Kaizer vs. FRIE or Y2Nick not putting someone over for the very first time in his career. But oh no... when it came to Christian and myself beating the shit out of each other and saying memorable quotes..... no ratings. That's it. I didn't win because as much as you guys wanted to see Christian get what he had coming to him... you guys did not care about me winning. You guys cared about Christian losing. I'm always in the shadow and look where I am. Right where I belong.... in the shadows.

    OOC - My Final Promo in IWT guys....
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  3. Christian snatches the microphone away from Jwab

    Christian: Okay... as much as this man want to believe that he didn't try during our match, the match told a different story. Now with this all aside, IWTMania 2 is officially over! There were long faces and proud faces, stars were born and legacies... were torn, but what does all of this say about, Christian?!

    Christian places his hands on his jaw and strokes it for a few seconds

    Christian: As much as I try, Dat Kid isn't willing to let me have my rightful rematch for the World Heavyweight Champion, because he prefers to face mid-card talent like himself. Matter of fact, he's facing The Artist at the next Uprising! And he challenged Aids Johnson at Summerslam for a Protégé Vs. Predecessor match part three! Because the first and second time wasn't enough for, Dat Kid. So what I, Christian, am going to do... is I'm going to send out an invitation... to Dat Kid, Joey Bryant and Aids Johnson to MY Peep Show next week! And trust me, you'll want to show up, because if you don't... well lets just say you'll find out...

    Christian drops his mic and walks to the back with Jwab as his music plays
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  4. Short version.

    Jwab said you're a jobber. :pipebomb:
  5. :(...Jwab called me a Jwab?
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  6. Jwabber*
  7. Who called me :willis: