Christmas Price Tag.... :facepalm:

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. So I do pretty much all my Christmas shopping online. Its easier and cheaper...Well, I added up the total and its...

    Wait for it...

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    That's not even including what I will be getting my husband or what he will be getting me! So tack on another $200!


    How much are you guys spending on people for Christmas this year?
  2. thats for how many people?

  3. 22 people

    We already spent $160ish and still have one more person on top of that.

    So lets say, $180 + $200 + $630...
    Thats over $1000!


    .....:upset: :why:
  4. considering its for 22 people, its really not alot of money
  5. For 22 people thats good.
  6. Just feels like a lot. I mean holy cow. lol
  7. Get a job.:smug:
  8. I have one. :pity:
  9. Blow(what?) :dafuq:
  10. :hmm:

    Stop typing you and your boyfriends phone conversations on here. Its rude and creepy. Good day sir!
  11. That was a text from your mom. :true:
  12. I don't even personally like 22 people :dawg: :pity:
  13. I'm telling my dad! :finger:

    He'll chop off your dong and serve it to you cajun style!

  14. Its all family on my side and my husband's side.
  15. Nice. What are you getting your husband?
  16. :dawg::maybe::sad::upset:
  17. I'm not sure yet. Maybe some comics or collectible action figures.