Voting Chrysalis vs B. Dazzle

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Who do you think was better?

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  1. Chrysalis

  2. B.Dazzle

  1. The following match is a one on one match.

    @Queen Chrysalis vs @B.Dazzle
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted, and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.
    -Yes this is a copy and paste

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


    The lights dim down as a spotlight shines down at the entrance of the stage. Two men, dressed in full black come out and stop at the entrance of the ramp. Then, Chrysalis walks out to a response of boos from the crowd. Chrysalis has on full black boots, full black tights and a full black tight top with no sleeves. On her face is white face paint that goes from her forehead down to her chin, and reaches ear to ear. On each cheek is a black cross, and black eyeshadow too. As Chrysalis approaches the ramp, two more men in black follow behind her as they walk down the ramp.​

    The crowd at the ramp begins to boo at her, she turns her head at one of the kids and walks up to him. The parents standing there starring at her as she smirked. She whispers something into the kids ear and the kid backs away and runs away towards the exit crying as the parents follow closely. The crowd around the arena grew louder in boos, but the people at the ramp remained quiet as they held their love ones close. Two of the men walked over to the turnbuckles close to the announcers table and stood there, as two more stood by the opposite side at the turnbuckles outside the ring. Chrysalis walked into the ring using the steel step, then took the microphone from the announcer.

    "Tonight marks my second match here in the IWT, and this match is against a man who addresses himself as 'B.Dazzle', and make no mistakes, he will remind you always when he speaks. I myself catch him amusing. He is a funny one, one with guts, and one who seems to know no bounds. Are all of these positive traits? Perhaps, or maybe he is hiding something. For one that always smiles and hides behind humor, it is because there is something dark to hide. Perhaps he could never fight his own battles, so he joked out of them, perhaps he was attacked by a close one, and being humorous hides the pain....or perhaps one thing. Perhaps it is because he knows without these childish third person remarked jokes, he would be nothing here." Chrysalis said with a chuckle.

    "He reminds me of all of you." She said pointing to the crowd, "You all sit there on your backsides screaming, chanting, yelling and much other things, but you all never do them. You say, 'if this wrestler loses I'm gonna stop watching.' or 'If this happens I'm going to attack them.' But it never happens. You are all bark with no bite, an embarrassment and waste of oxygen." The crowd began to boo loudly, and chanting, "YOU SUCK!" "Oh yes, here we go with these 'you suck' chants, I'm sure you all know about sucking. I guarantee you that if I didn't insult you, and sucked you like a cheap prostitute, then you would all be happy. You are all hypocrites, if one thing doesn't go your way, you whine but provide no action." Chrysalis said with a laugh as the crowd continued to boo her.

    "You see, none of you will ever be as great as me, because I am a leader. I do not say I am going to whine and stay at home, I get in this ring and make my stand. This is why I sided with IWT, not with DX. Because even I know when I have to bring down a big enemy, because more signings means more competition, and the only thing I do to competition is cripple them. I do not hide behind jokes or call myself in third person, because I am straight forward. I'm not here to play, I am here to hurt. B.Dazzle you can make more jokes, talk about candy asses, and more, but know this. When you walk out of this arena, it will be you checking in, to the 'Smackdown' hotel." Chrysalis said as the crowd continued to boo, waiting for B.Dazzle to come out.
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  2. *B.Dazzles theme hits and the fans boo as they wait for B.Dazzle to make his way to the ring. Seconds go by, and B.Dazzle has yet to come out. Finally his theme starts and a glass frame appears. Inside this glass frame is a giant picture of The Rock. Chrysalis is confused, and so are the fans, as they wait to see what happens next. B.Dazzle's song stops again and another song begins playing around the arena.*

    *For Whom The Bell Tolls begins playing around the arena and the fans have no idea whats going on. They wait patiently as the song keeps on playing. Finally as the song gets more and more intense, the glass frame picture of The Rock shatters to the ground and B.Dazzle comes out to a nice ovation, mainly due to the unique entrance. He walks down to the ring and grabs a mic. He walks up the steps and gets in the face of Chrysalis.*

    B.Dazzle: B.Dazzle hates to break it to all of you, but the B.Dazzle you were expecting to face is dead. He's gone. This isn't the always joking, gimmick infringing B.Dazzle anymore. No, it's a much more dangerous B.Dazzle. Gone are the days of whipping candy ass, checking people in the smackdown hotel, and calling people jabronis. If B.Dazzle wants to be taken serious around here he needs to carve out his own legacy, not steal the legacy of another. B.Dazzle has changed, whether its for the better or worse. He doesn't want to go down as the man who could only make it in this business because he used the gimmick of a fan favorite, he wants to go down as a star because of the legacy he carved out for himself. Change is something we can't control, and it is what B.Dazzle has went through. He is tired of people thinking he doesn't have what it takes to be a top star. He is tired of being overlooked week after week. He is tired of being thought as the weak link in this company. B.Dazzle is no weak link!

    *B.Dazzle paces around the ring, intensity flowing through his body.*

    B.Dazzle: You said something about B.Dazzle using comedy as a way to hide the pain of his true life, is that correct? Well, B.Dazzle is going to stop you right there. This isn't therapy with B.Dazzle. B.Dazzle doesn't have the psychotic problems you do, you crazy bitch. B.Dazzle used comedy as a way to get recognized, and while he had some success, it wasn't going to work in the long run. That is why B.Dazzle has changed who he is. Not because he was hurt, not because he was hiding the pains of his childhood, or whatever garbage you said. B.Dazzle is here to show the world that he is a diamond in the rough, and he will prove it.

    *B.Dazzle looks up at a Survivor Series sign in the arena.*

    You see that sign? That sign is the promotional sign for the biggest night of B.Dazzle's career, Survivor Series. At the Survivor Series, B.Dazzle has the biggest chance in his life. The chance of becoming the IWT tag team and I.C champion. The chance of proving himself as a legitimate contender in this company. You, Chrysalis, no matter how good you are, are just the warm up for the biggest game in my life. You are the pre-test before the real test is put in front of B.Dazzle. This match isn't about you. It's about B.Dazzle becoming the next major star in the IWT!
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  3. OOC

    I'll let this one slide.
  4. Chrysalis gets into B.Dazzle's face and smirks. "You mad bro?" She says with a laugh as the crowd looks a bit confused at the comment. "You say you changed, yet you still refer to yourself as the same. You see yourself as the 'weakest link'? Are you going to start yelling no and yes at me too? How about growing a beard? Are you going to....kick my head in too?" Chrysalis says with a laugh as she soon glares back at B.Dazzle. "You are still the same in my eyes, and most likely everybody elses eyes. You are just taking another path to try and get your win....and before you say, 'No this is completely different', dear, it is the same. You calling yourself the weakest link, you claiming to be a top star.....yet going for a midcard and tag team champion belt? If you are a top star you would be going after another title.....face are a solid B+." Chrysalis says as the crowd stays quiet.

    "Oh the kind language you I a 'crazy bitch'? Yes, yes I am, I am crazier than the Joker escaping from Arkham Asylum, and you know what, I am fine with that. Because if not being crazy means I have to be like you, then it must be a sad boring life. To be coming out here, pretending not to be mad, calling other people crazy, when you yourself seem off too and calling a midcard and tag team belt top star quality belts. Let me tell you something, the only reason why you got the chance at the Intercontinental championship, is because this company is pitiful. No one else had the guts to stand up to the champion....but that's it. The champion didn't issue a demand for a tournament, it was just say the word and you get it."

    "Survivor will be the biggest night of your life. Your friends, family, partners and everyone will gather one. They will gather around the alter of your career and watch it as it dies, decays and leaves this Earth. The remains, will be put into the ground to rot forever. If seeing this as the pretest makes you feel anybody, then so be it, but! You will fail this pretest, and there are no more chances. This is not an open book test, you did not study for this test, and now you will fail and be held back from passing." Chrysalis says with a grin before turning her back to B.Dazzle. "You are just a waste of space and a rug, for me to wipe my feet on while I enter the house of greatness. Now get on the ground to your true place, or I'll make you get down." She dropped her mic on the ground as the crowd booed heavily.
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  5. *B.Dazzle smirks as he looks up and down at Chrysalis.*

    B.Dazzle: A solid B+, huh? Whats next? Are you going to screw B.Dazzle out of all his titles chances and announce someone as the new face of IWT? You talk about how B.Dazzle is only going for, in your words, midcard titles. Well let B.Dazzle tell you something. The reason why some men can never become great is because some people have nothing better to do then put them down. What you call"midcard" titles, B.Dazzle calls his date with destiny. B.Dazzle has yearned his whole life for the feel, the taste, the smell, and the success of being a champion, let alone a double champion. B.Dazzle has the chance to do something that you don't, and that's become a champion. So make fun of B.Dazzle all you want, because while B.Dazzle is walking around carrying two title belts around everywhere he goes and your walking around with the feeling of shame everywhere you go, it's going to be B.Dazzle who does all the laughing.

    *B.Dazzle begins to get pumped up.*

    B.Dazzle: Trust me, B.Dazzle isn't angry at all. B.Dazzle is just focused. He's focused on one thing. One single thing. Do you know what that thing is? B.Dazzle is focused on winning. He's focused on winning this match, his tag team championship match, and his I.C title match. B.Dazzle has promised to prove that he belongs here, and if you think you're going to stop him, you have another thing coming. You talk about entering the house of greatness, yet you're just the annoying next door neighbor. B.Dazzle is the one who will be entering this house of greatness. B.Dazzle is the one who will become a star. B.Dazzle is the one who will claim his throne as a top star in this industry.

    *B.Dazzle calms down and begins smiling again.*

    B.Dazzle: When B.Dazzle becomes a double champion, he is going to bring prestige to those titles. prestige that Senhor could never imagine bringing to the I.C title, the prestige that a man like Danielson could never imagine bring to the tag team titles, and a prestige Jonathan could never imagine anyone bringing to this company. B.Dazzle is here to stay, and he will show the world, no matter how long that quest takes. You've been a valiant opponent, but like how it will be for the others at Survivor Series, your effort just wasn't good enough. You have been Dazzled by......actually no, not yet. For one last time, B.Dazzle is going to give you a little treat before B.Dazzle becomes his own man. One last time for you people to remember who B.Dazzle was before he becomes who he truly is. So without further ado.......Chrysalis, you better know your role and shut your mouth before B.Dazzle checks your ass in ass into the final room in the SMACKDOWN hotel! You have just been Dazzled by the most dazzling man in IWT history, B.Dazzle!
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  6. OOC: Good Luck. May the best man(or woman)win.
  7. OOC: Damn that's really tough. Solid stuff from both but gotta go with Queen.
  8. I was wondering why Queen started this one lol.

    Good match. Queen started out a little slow and scary, Dazzle - changing his entrance and going for the character switch, Queen with the Bryan references, and Dazzle with the utmost confidence and drive to succeed. Hard decision guys, but I think I will go with Dazzle on this one. Queen ALMOST had me with the 2nd promo, but Dazzle recovered nicely with his response.

    Dazzle - One thing I would have done different is referenced queen as the "girl next door" instead of "the next door neighbor", but thats it.
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  9. Chrysalis sat on the turnbuckle as all of the men dressed in black began to get in the ring and attack B.Dazzle. Two more men come out to the stage, bringing a coffin with them as B.Dazzle continues to be attacked. The coffin is set beside the apron of the ring as B.Dazzle is held on the ropes beside the casket. Chrysalis smirks, walking up to her defeated opponent and plants a kiss on his forehead, leaving a black lipstick mark. She then steps back and kicks him in the face with the super kick.

    The men let go of B.Dazzle as he was held down, the force of the kick sending him over the ropes and having him land in the coffin. The men closed the casket, as all of the followers in the ring went outside and began to walk the casket out of the arena. Chrysalis stepped out of the ring, going ahead of the casket and leading it out of the arena.

    The lights shut off as the titantron and music suddenly play. The crowd is shocked, unknown on how to respond this. The lights come back on, in the ring is a tombstone that says, "Like father, like daughter." A voice suddenly can be heard throughout the entire arena, a mixture of The Undertaker's and Chrysalis's voice saying, "Rest in Piece!"
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  10. Jeez. Whens the burial?

    Seriously though, good match Chrysalis.
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  11. OOC: Not gonna be a burial, just gonna do this after every match with this gimmick as a heel XP

    Great match though, definitely was a tough, but fun one :yes:
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  12. Shit i missed the poll, sorry.

    Personally, i was dazzled.
  13. It's alright. I mean who cares that you ruined my chance of tying this match, right? RIGHT?!!?! Nah, it's fine. At least I dazzled you.
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  14. My thoughts exactly.