Kayfabe Circle of Hell.

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  1. *The second Victor Sokolov's music starts playing the crowd boo instantly. Victor walks out and slowly makes his way to the ring, he climbs into the ring, grabs a microphone and begins to talk.*

    Victor: I thought my job would be done around here after last week. I defeated Rhys Haze, I told you I would and I did! *Crowd boo loudly and Victor brushes it of.* You wanted that little slime ball to win?! Shame on you. *Crowd boo even louder than before.* As mentioned last week, I don't care about any of you! The only person that I care about is myself and anyone who wishes to follow my beliefs! Who is the unlucky victim this week? A man by the name of Jack Rouge.... Mr. Superkick himself. The man is a worldwide sensation, he's been everywhere. But has he faced me? No he hasn't! Tonight, after I leave him lying in the ring like I did Rhys Haze last week, I will make sure that he will never step foot in a wrestling ring again!

    *The crowd literally want to throw anything at Victor. The boos increase, louder than a typical WWE crowd who hate Roman Reigns.*

    Victor: I said it last week and I'll say it again... you can't keep me down... you can't put me down.. and you certainly can't fucking kill me! I am the reincarnation of the devil himself! I proved that I mean business last week, and I'm gonna blow your little brains as you watch me destroy Jack Rouge this week. He can't stand up to me! NOBODY CAN! I don't care whether you've won over 100 championships or have a strong relationship with God, no one will mess with me and no one will beat me! All you worldwide sensations piss me right off! Thinking your all good just because you wrestled in Japan or some other place.

    *The crowd chant "We want Will!" and "We want Rouge!" Victor is visually angry and starts to speak again.*

    Victor: Shutup Slimeballs! You want them? Well... Will is practically brain dead and I'll be meeting Rouge in the ring tonight! You know what... anyone in that locker room who is crazy enough to stand up to me.. come out here. I need a bit of a warmup.

    *Victor waits patiently when some music starts playing, but it's not someone Victor knows extremely well.....*


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  2. Anthony Sharpe music hits throughout the arena and the crowd begin to erupt with cheers. Victor looks up at the stage and waits for Anthony Sharpe.

    After about 30 seconds the crowd here the sound of a motor bike and Anthony Sharpe appears at the corner of the arena. The crowd continue to cheer however even louder. He drives onto the ramp and gets off the bike. And begins to walk to the ring. The crowd still cheering. He climbs into the ring and shoulder barges Victor And grabs a mic. He begins to speak with a slight Japanese accent.
    Oh I see you taking at Japan. Victor I don't think you ever expected one of us to actually come out here and face you did you? Well there are somethings you need to understand something about this business, my friend. Fact 1- Don't Diss my home lands. Fact 2- you seem to be looking for a fight and you have one
    The crowd begin to cheer. Victor looks at Anthony and slightly chuckles at him.
    Victor- Who the hell
    Mate shut the hell up. If you were about to say 'Who the hell are you' I'm the king... The King of Strong Style. You better get used to it. I may not be the biggest guy in the ring. But also not the stupidest in the ring. You want some, I want some let's go right now
    Referees runout from backstage to break up the two men. However the begin to brawl throughout the ring and arena
    Ooc- @TheKingSonic write the fight scene aha
  3. *Anthony slaps Victor and Victor goes mental pushing him to the ground and hammering him with fierce punches, Anthony fights back and starts punching Victor. The referres go to split them but they get pushed away and the fight continues. Victor rakes Anthony's eye and goes for the "Hellblade" but Anthony reverses it into a DDT and once Victor is on the ground starts punching at him again. Suddenly, half the locker room comes running down and manages to split both men up. Victor has a look of rage on his face while Anthony has a grin on his. Victor snaps and jumps at Anthony nearly spearing him in half. Anthony is down and Victor walks back to the corner, but is quickly Superkicked by Rhys Haze and falls into Anthony. Anthony grabs Victor a performs a huge European Uppercut, knocking Victor out cold. Other officials hit the ring finally managing Anthony out of the ring. Anthony screams "THATS WHAT STRONG STYLE IS!" and walks backstage with some of the locker room. A few medics hit the ring and attend to Victor. They help him up to his feet but Victor pushes them away and hops over the barricade escaping into the crowd.*

    End of Segment
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