CISPA Law Passed

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  1. CISPA law was passed while the whole Boston thing was taking place. Just like how Patriot Act came out of 9/11. It's a law that basically lets websites hand over your information to the government. Yeah.
  2. Yeah, pretty shitty. Lol

    Good thing I stay anon. Though that doesn't really help against THE MAN. :okay:
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  3. Well played Obama. Well played.
  4. I'm glad I never use my real details online.
  5. How will this really make things any different?
  6. It makes me wonder, where were all the sheep that protested the SOPA and PIPA bills for this one? They care about not being able to visit a site, but they don't care about their privacy and freedom? Barely heard anything on it at all, at least protest wise.
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  7. Depends on how they use that information and how you personally feel about it, I guess.
  8. Such a misleading title. It's not a law at all. It only passed the house. Still has to go through the Senate and Obama has already threatened to VETO it, like he did for the previous version.

    Chances of it getting through, less than 10% imo.

    Also, there's been plenty of protests. I get emails from and other almost every day informing me of their protests/updates and shit.
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  9. Does this mean I can't go to torrent sites anymore? To sites containing roms and emulators?

    I read up on the bill some more and absolutely think now the government will use this largely to spy on the general public... Although I always thought they could monitor your browser information anyway.
  10. Not what's it's used for. CISPA is about the governement being allowed to request your information and the company's not having to inform you of it, in case you were a threat to national security etc. planning dark stuff.

    Of course there will be conspiracy theories, in fact Kobe's OP is one giant conspiracy theory... if you have nothing to hide what's the issue? This isn't about them monitoring what torrents you download. You think they don't already know that? Give over. If they cared about that, what else would they have to plow billions of dollars into "fighting against" like they do piracy, eh?
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  11. Meant all the viral videos and their sheep-like followers that don't really protest anything at all other than sharing it on facebook and saying "fuck da man i want MUH FREEDUMS" in the comment sections.
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  12. >implying The Man won't abuse their power
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. If people with the power wanted to abuse it they could with or without legislation let's be honest here.
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  15. And that's what I don't get about people who post conspiracy theories about shit like that. You think they're going to publicly bring out a legislation that tells you their looking at your stuff when they could do it anyway and you wouldn't even know? Please.
  16. touche'

    This would make things a lot easier and less sketchy though. Not that it matter. 'murrikans are fucking retards.
  17. This.
  18. This. Also, if they do it illegally it would only work on a smaller scale. To do it on a larger scale they would need to do it legally.
  19. Pretty shit. Think I will start hiding my details online from now onwards.
  20. It doesn't though, you're bringing attention to it. I'm sure a lot of people believe the government can gain your information anyway, why bring attention to it by saying "lol sorry guys we didn't do it but now we need to". People have accepted it as the norm now you're just bringing attention to it and giving people a reason to be annoyed and attempt to fight it. If anything this'll be a bill Obama rejects to boost his popularity amongst voters (you know the people who believe he cares about them or their privacy? Whilst they chronicle their life on public facebook pages usually anyway)

    A few links showing Obama's stance.
    It doesn't, look at Guantanamo Bay as an example that breaks countless human rights acts by most accounts yet it's still there. If the people in power wished to continue to do these things it doesn't matter if it's legal or illegal. You your self have posted a belief 9/11 was an inside job along with The Boston Bombings haven't you? Why doesn't murder being illegal stop these actions then? That isn't on a small scale is it?