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  1. Anyone else expecting to become a Virgin again next week?

  2. Fucking newfags
  3. being a virgin is my favorite hobby
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  4. To be honest I have never once popped in a Civilization game nor seen it being played.. what type of game exactly is it?
  5. It's a turn based game where you build up a civilisation. It seems basic at first but gets very addictive pretty quickly. It's weird, I'd advise you torrent it to try it out or get CIV 5 from steam for whatever they charge. Great game.
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  6. Hmm, alright.. I'll look into it. I'll probably check out a few streams/videos of the game before just so I can get a better idea before I make any sort of investment or torrent it.
  7. I know what Civ is. Deep frie.
  8. Becareful of Gandi that fucker is evil.
  9. Don't think I'll get it straight away, May wait until the Christmas deals if this become available during them.
  10. Probably a good call, V was buggy as hell on launch I think.
  11. I still think Civ 3 is the best installment in the series. Also, agreed stay away from Gandhi, that fucker is evil as fuck.
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  12. Good thing I got everything during the summer sale. #givegabeyourmoney
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  13. Are you ready for a miracle?

    Praise Gaben!
  14. Looks alright.
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