CL Dortmund vs Madrid

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. It could be 4-4 already tbh, no idea how RM haven't put these chances away.
  2. Shit this is on isn't it?
  3. Cannot believe what Madrid has missed
  4. :pity1:
  5. Well duh

    Channel 3
  6. :okay: I got it on nao :yay:
  7. Oh shut the fuck up
  8. :pity2:
  9. :pity:
  10. :lady:
  12. Lol, Madrid gonna get put out son
  13. Good match. Madrid missed 3 great opportunities like in 10 minutes. BvB has set the pace of the game after that, if Gotze wasn't injured or that Großkreutz was a bit clever, they would have score a goal from counter attack.
  14. As far as they put a good show...
  15. You know who suck? Real Madrid
  16. finally is it too late though
  17. Fucking hell
  18. Just lost 1k cash betting on this game lol
  19. I fucking hate Real Madrid. Even though Dortmund are going through I'm still pissed about my cash
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