Closer to the Answers.

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  1. Once again, a Video is shown on IWT.Com in the same room as the last video, The hooded figure from before walking back into the room with a cup of coffee in his hand as he sits down in front of the camera, the hood covering his face. He takes a sip of his coffee before placing it down on the table and looking at the camera.

    "I received mail from staff today asking me where I am and if I'll return for Uprising this month.

    Lets Answer these...questions then, shall we? Yes, I'll return at Uprising...Trip in the Head, You book me against anyone...From Jobbers like The Artist and Reagan Cole to respectable people such as Mr.Sackfist and Farooq...I'll take anyone on...and I'll come out as the victor. Bring them on, Boss Man, Try and stop me from getting what is mine from Joey Bryant....Try and Stop me from destroying this company.

    Joey Bryant talks about his precious "Dat Kid"....I told you Joey, He'll abandon you...and look what he did when he lost his title to Alias, He abandoned you and he gave up all hope on IWT together. Do you really think he'll return? Do you really think he'll be on your side when or if he comes back? He'll be after you and Alias...There is no such thing as Friendship or Alliances in IWT....They all die eventually, The Members only delay the inevitable....And soon IWT will follow the same route.

    To answer the first question, I'm closer then you think...I've watched IWT over this past month from a location closer then you think.

    At IWT Uprising....The Anti-Christ Arrives and I will destroy IWT from the Inside!"

    Once again the Video cuts off as a Date is set for an appearance, which is on Uprising's date.