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  1. Coming off of a historic SummerSlam, Sage is seen with a camera crew filming exclusives for IWT's website. They spot Forté laying down on a bench near the interview area, and she initiates a conversation.

    Sage: Excuse me, Jack?

    She taps Forté on the shoulder. Jack looks at Sage hovering over him, sits up, and gives her the okay to sit next to him.

    Sage: Is this a bad time?

    Forté: When isn't it these days? But go ahead, sit down. It's best if you do, I've got some things to say that may take a while. But they'll surely give you some hits.

    Jack scoots over and Sage sits next to him.

    Sage: You managed to defeat Bishop tonight, retiring him. So now you are a shoe-in to break Senhor's record reign. How does that make you feel?

    Forté: Come on Sage, you know me better than this. You see what transpired out there, right? Back to back matches ended with two separate groups standing tall, each wanting to reign over the IWT! Both of which I have problems with.

    First of all, James Dragon. He beat a good friend of mine tonight, and now he has a shot at my title. And as much as Bishop and I despised eachother, he departed with some wise words. The Bullad Club are a force, they walked out of SummerSlam 4-0! And yeah, I have bested two of them. But James is a whole different animal. There was a death match, and an iron man match on the card. And his cage match was one of the most brutal things we've seen. Bishop wanted to end me, but James Dragon might.

    And then you have the IW3, or the old world order. Kid name dropped me several times during his match, and even afterwards. Saying he doesn't know who I am. Well maybe he should ask his friend, Aids Johnson. Because you see, Aids brought me into the IWT at its time of turmoil to save it. He proclaimed that with me, the Intercontinental Title would be THE premier title. But the thing is, he didn't know what he had brought into the IWT. Until he felt it, again and again and again.

    Jack holds up three fingers just like Dat Kid did.

    What I did is what Aids, Alias, and Kid failed to do. I carried the IWT when it needed it moreso than ever. Aids gave the company to Michael, and his pals were no where to be seen. And I was here, bringing back guys like Joey and Senhor just to help the IWT stay open one more month. With some others like Nick and Spawn. Hell, I ASKED Alias, and you know what he told me!? No. But that's okay, the IWT didn't need you guys then and they don't need you now.

    Forté puts down two of his fingers, and leaves his ring finger with his HoF ring on.

    All they need is me.

    Jack signals for Sage to cut the mic, and then they talk inaudibly for a couple of moments. They hug before Forté picks his title up and begins to walk off....
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    The camera pans away from Forte as he leaves, and moves down the hall to the interview position. Surrounded by cameras and held in front of a slight blue curtain stands Ingrid Vines. A small smile on her face and a microphone in her hand.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time. A member of The Bullad Club and the new Intercontinental Title number one contender! James. Dragon."

    James Dragon enters the shot, a self satisfied smile on his face which seems to make his bruised face worth it. His hair is still matted with sweat and a few parts of his face are blemished with flecks of dried blood and hastily applied bandages. Regardless, Dragon is in high spirits as he addresses Ingrid.

    "Ingrid. How lucky are you tonight? You get to take a break from interviewing has-beens and stand next to the man who backs up every word he says. Hated, perhaps. But never a liar. I said that I was more violent than Nick could ever dream of being, and i proved it by beating him down in a match that he chose."

    "Well James, congratulations on your victory. However, Summerslam may have provided you and your Club some competition. We saw the formation of Alias Antonio, Aids Johnson and Dat Kid to form the IWThree, what're your thoughts on that?"

    "Well Ingrid, I.... Who?"

    "T-the IWThree? Attacked Champion Luis Ovaldinho? Alias, Aids, Dat-"

    "Oh, right! yeah, yeah, yeah. The black guy. Yeah I know 'em now. Well, I don't really care. Why would I? The Bullad Club has always been about ridding out the weak and useless and making this sport about the strong and talented, like ourselves. Eradicating antiquated ideals and people from this company is our chief goal. All the IWThree has really done is lump together three of the worst offenders, thereby making it even easier for us to dispose of them when they dare to cross us. Much like my opponent at Anarchy, Jack Forté."

    James snatches the microphone from Ingrid and shoves her backwards. Taking a step forward and staring directly into the camera.

    "Jacky. I've been waiting on this for a while. Hell, I'll even give you credit for recognizing that I'm nothing like Bishop, Reagan, hell. I'm not even the same as my brothers Fargo or Jacobs. Whilst every single one of your opponents would do anything to hurt you, I'm the one that can do everything to hurt you. Over the coming weeks - As is my M.O - I'm going to keep a close eye on you Jack. Anything I say to you, anytime I call you out, anytime I even look at you from across a room. Know that I'm thinking of all the ways to dispose of you, your streak and your Intercontinental Championship. I'm sure, at present, that's not altogether very threatening. Considering that everything I've said has been repeated by others."

    "But as the clocks keep ticking and the days grow shorter. It's going to creep into your head, that dark thought, that you're stuck in a fight. That you can't win."

    James looks to leave but he stops and walks back with the microphone.

    "And Jack! One last thing-"
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  3. Jack looks back at James who has been egging him on throughout his entire interview. Forté walks over to Dragon, and they are standing toe to toe with one another. They both are staring holes through each other, but neither say a word. Jack turns around, begins to walk away, and James yells out his name. As Jack turns around he hears a shriek coming from Ingrid, as Dragon has pushed her down. He makes way, seemingly setting his sights on Sage. Forté follows suite until he's behind James, and taps him on his shoulder. As Dragon turns around, Jack quickly reacts and puts him in the DDT hold. He lifts James up and nails a Cradle DDT onto the floor! The scene fades as personnel run to help out Dragon.
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