CM Punk is dead (well not really)

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  1. There is only Phil Brooks now.

    41 minutes and only mentioned as Punk in the first ten. Following the Rock to Dwayne Johnson transition.

    RIP Punk
  2. He made points about being a new person and being forgiving, not sure if he's trying to be elusive with foreshadowing, or if he's saying that he's not coming back, but he's forgiven WWE for the situation which would make sense or wouldn't dependent upon who's at fault.
  3. Doesn't he own the name CM Punk still?
  4. Yeah, I think so. He can wrestle for any other company with that very name.
  5. To be honest, I don't even think Punk wants to talk about WWE at all. He probably got bothered by WWE that he was like screw it I'm done. Move on to new things.
    Why would Punk talk about Wrestling anyway? It's a show about TWD. Great episode btw.

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  6. RIP douche
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  7. Phil Brooks!? Sounds menacing
  8. I don't know if it's a big deal that he referred to himself as Phil Brooks last night instead of CM Punk. I know most wrestlers are usually referred to by their "Stage Name" even when conducting real-life interviews, but then again, I've heard Kane referred to as Glen Jacobs on a number of occasions when giving interviews on the news or on the radio before (despite still being a WWE employee.)

    Not surprised he didn't mention WWE at all last night. No reason to bring it up since people care about seeing the guests on the show talk about The Walking Dead, not about what's going on in their own careers and lives elsewhere. And yes, awesome episode of TWD last night.
  9. Lol CM Punk on Talking Dead? What a weird booking.
  10. Last time he was on, he was referred as his stage name only.
  11. It's just sad......

    that my favorite pro wrestler......

    likes that craptastic zombie show.


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  12. Getting fat :steiner:
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  13. Agreed, GoT is where it's at
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  14. Oh you mean your favorite e:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ro wrestler?
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  15. he's always been a skinny fatass
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  16. Obviously not lifting enough bags :steiner:
  17. I wish Punk would still wrestle....I need him...I mean he was/is the best in the world....:please:
  18. How about no. He shoulda blown his knees out by continuing to do the Pepsi Plunge :>
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