CM Punk/Kofi Kingston feud

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  1. I've mentioned this plenty of times, but who thinks this would be a good idea?

    I thought this would be a perfect feud to work off of, instead of Ryback or Cena. Kofi and CM Punk have so much history together, they were even world tag team champions and Kofi tried to save CM Punk when Randy jumped him and injured him to stop him from defending his world championship. This would give Kofi the main event push he deserves, a good storyline, and great matches, as oppose to that cage match.
  2. Just me that doesn't like Kofi at all? I honestly don't see what the fuss is about the guy. His mic skills are non existent, his look is poor, his gimmick is dull and he doesn't exactly ooze charisma. Just about the only thing going for him is his ring work, which, is always good, is never anything spectacular IMO.
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  3. Would be a very nice feud. I don't think it'll happen for now since Kofi is the IC champ but it'd be nice to watch in the future.
  4. Nah, I don't think he's very good either. I agree with yout entire post.

    The dude is pretty dull.
  5. He's a decent performer who is charasmatic ( look how over he was in late 09 as an example) but I don't see that star potential about him like I do with Ryback. A better short term solution absolutely but in the long term trying the waters with Ryback was the correct choice, like Cena at Backlash 03 or Hardy in 09.
  6. Kofi is a pretty good wrestler and the kiddies love him....

    Sell merch... Get over...

    Feed me more
  7. Nope! Kofi is not that talented in the whole feuding thing.
  8. Kofi is good at feuding, look at Kofi vs Orton feud, that was a very good feud, it showed Kofi could be serious and look like a serious competitor.
  9. Kofi is very talented but has been badly utilized by WWE Creative (seems like I've typed something like that before).

    He's a kid-friendly guy, so, of course, most of the IWC doesn't respect him and I can hear the begrudging respect for his in-ring work. Other than that, no charisma, bad mic work, can't feud, not that great.....typical.

    His feud with Orton was the first time he was treated seriously (I think it had something to do with the fact that he convinced Vince that he didn't have to have a Jamaican accent to get over). It was also an above-average feud. I think seeing Kofi against Punk would create a terrific feud and would allow Kofi to show whether or not he's grown enough to get over on the mic. Plus, and if you're real IWC, you gotta respect it, the matches would be amazing.

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  10. Punk's talent and experience in the ring combined with Kofi's athleticism would make for a great matchup definitely. Still doesn't mean I'm a fan of Kofi.

    If he was really that talented he would be able to impress us all without a good gimmick. Look at Dolph Ziggler, the guy has been plagued with poor bookings for his entire career and yet is one of the most popular guys on here. He has this something about him which just grabs your attention, as soon as he comes out you're interested to see what he does even though deep down you know it will be pretty irrelevant. Any time he gets given an opportunity he grasps it and entertains us all.

    In all honesty I've never actually seen Kingston's fued with Orton, I never watched at the time, however since I started watching in the middle of last year Ziggler and Kingston have shared roughly the same amount of match time. Ziggler has managed to steal the show any time he has walked out there, whereas Kingston usually comes out, produces a decent performance and that's about it. He's good, but no better than just good.
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  11. How many people really think Kofi deserves a main event push? Kofi strikes me as a lifelong midcarder. I don't ever see him being charismatic enough to regularly headline shows and PPVs. At best, he would win the World Heavyweight Championship, but the WHC is only the second most important championship, despite it being a 'world' title. It's pretty much the equivalent of what the IC Title used to be, back when there was only one world title. Don't ever see Kofi being WWE Champ or headlining something like Wrestlemania.
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