CM Punk should be WWE champion

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    OH HELL YES THAT RITE THE BITW Punk should be WWE champion not Randy Orton. CM Punk WAS BORN TO BE WRESTLER and he busted his ass the hard way to get to where he is today he wasent handed anything unlike Randy who had his dad get him a job in WWE I WAS SO PISS I SAID FUCK WHEN THIS HAPPEN. CM Punk is a better wrestler than Randy and he is better on the mic. That 434 day reign should of continued as he is the best in the world. CM Punk needs to finish this Axel/Paul Heyman stuff at NOC and then move on and get that title off Randy :pipebomb: #CODEGEASS
  2. And I should be the Head of TNA marketing and promoting, but I am not.
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  3. Any reason WHY he should be champion and insert himself pointlessly into this storyline?
  4. It's official. BLFFL is a troll
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  5. You're overrated.
  6. Just kidding. Saw that Seabs edited it. I thought she became Gohan for a second :lol1:
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  7. Gohan hacked BLFFL's account. Everything makes sense.
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  8. Seen the pipebomb emoticon and the CodeGeass hashtag and I was like :mog:,then I saw that Seabs edited it. Seabs you sly son of a bitch.
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  9. Seabs' editing made me laugh so hard.
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  10. I was just in shock and awe, i read it 3 times just laughing louder and louder, then i saw the edit.

    You sly devil.
  11. Yes please! We need 2 more years of "best in the world!!" "_____ days!" "you fans suck... BITW!" :yay:
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Read title, ignored thread, saw Test posted in here and got ready to lol, read the OP and wondered if there was some secret thing between BLFFL and Gohan, started to worry if there was competition for the "cutest couple in WWEF" thing, started to rage, reads the rest of the comments, lol's hard, sees Nick point at the edit...

    Seabs for Member of Every Month Ever. Yeah, even above Dolph's.
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    FOR 3?!!?



    T MAc

  15. ermagherd utter kaosssss
  16. Sin Cara for WWE Champion 2k14.
  17. Yeah, because 434 days is not enough and there is no one that deserves to be a WWE Champ. Punk is a great wrestler but he shouldnt be WWE Champ now, maybe later. I have no problem him being a challenger but I am against him to be the WWE Champ. But I really want him as WHC so that title can be relevant after long time.
  18. Okay what the fuck is this shit.
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