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  1. After Axel and Heyman, what do you think will happen? I mean he's feuded against the Machine before so maybe he will join Ziggler and Show? Because it's weird to see a wrestler who says what he likes, being so quiet on this (I understand Kayfabe wise he needs to finish this feud).
  2. He'll oppose the HHH Regime at some point. He's just occupied with Heyman at the moment so there's no reason for him to get involved yet.

    They're probably saving it for the big moment when Punk ends up being the first guy NOT to hold back and refuse to speak his mind and take action. Daniel Bryan is already in the middle of it. The rest of the locker room is being neutered in regards to not being able to say or do anything to oppose the new regime without being punished for it. Big Show and Dolph Ziggler are already learning their lesson. Cody Rhodes barely said anything and just like that, his career was put on the line and now he's gone. Point is, Punk is the only guy on the last three Raws since Summerslam that can't be seen out there with the rest of the herd while HHH/Orton/The Shield make an example out of Bryan. This is partly because he is busy with Heyman but also because Punk's eventual involvement will be what encourages others in the locker room to not be afraid to speak out and take action (this'll likely be what motivates Big Show to finally deliver the Knockout Punch to HHH since HHH/Show is rumored fora future PPV.) Being the guy to speak out against the machine (as he did two years ago) is a perfect fit for his rebellious, anti-establishment character who says what he wants and worries about the repercussions later.

    However, I can see the Punk/Heyman feud prolonged after NOC. There's rumors of a new Paul Heyman Guy coming to save Heyman at NOC (speculation says Corey Graves is most likely) but after all that is done with, I could see Punk being Orton's next opponent after Bryan. Reports say that the Bryan/Orton feud is set to end after HIAC (with Orton still involved in the title picture up to January) and I could see Orton/Punk being next in line while Bryan continues to feud with HHH who could still be working to keep Bryan at bay and from getting another title shot some other way. It'd be like the Austin/Vince/Rock/Mankind saga in 1998. While Vince was trying to keep the title on Rock (his Corporate champion) and off of Mankind, he was also simultaneously trying to keep Austin from getting another title shot by booking him in a Buried Alive match at the Rock Bottom (December '98) PPV against Undertaker with the stipulation being that if Austin lost, he couldn't qualify to enter the Royal Rumble the following month. I could see Bryan/HHH continuing in this sort of capacity while Orton takes on other challengers (i.e Punk.)
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  3. Yeah, with his new face run I can totally see him taking the anti-establishment side.
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