CM Punk's Grammar Slam

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Rise, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. Punk is my new favourite superstar.
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  2. Yeah, I saw his other videos on Nerdist. They're so awesome. :dawg:

    So glad he's allowed to curse here. I love it when he can just unleash all his rage. :gusta:
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  3. Lol'd at all the shit talking tweets. Im threw with this, Im literally throwing my laptop at my neighbors, since there car isn't there, than Im gonna eat you're cake.
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  4. Laughed so hard at this, there's some acting in it, but he's legit pissed off at people. :dawg:
  5. These are so fucking funny i was loling when he smashed the glass on that guy
  6. I lol'd still at the Your and You're video.

    "Congratulations on your win at Raw." CM Punk: :)

    "Now it's time to get your ass handed by you by Undertaker." Punk: -.-

    "HAHAHA." Punk: -_-
  7. LMFAO! CM Punk my NEW Teacher!​
  8. You need a grammar teacher.

    Yeah these are pretty funny.
  9. Oh and already posted.
  10. were? it a 5 parts seris!?
  11. The figuratively and literally one got me. It even amused my other half who usually groans if I want to show her a wrestling related video which I found funny!
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  12. The man is awesome. <3 I've been sending them to my Grammar Nazi friends who aren't that interested with wrestling and they laughed.
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