CM Punk's Possible Return Raises Serious Questions For Wrestlemania 30

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ThunderdUp35, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. You stated a lot of what we've already been discussing on this site, but good read.
  2. Well my article has nothing to do with this site. I work for RantSports so the connection is irrelevant. I don't think anyone here is a sports/wwe writer so I post my wwe articles here for readers is all. thanks !
  3. Decent article.

    Personally Punk probs ends up in the ME, an it becomes a triple threat.
  4. I hope he either stays gone or comes back tonight so I can quit seeing his name in headlines, brothers. :hogan:
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  5. He'll be there. Nothing good ever lasts. :okay: :downer:
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  6. Not saying it had anything to do with this site and i'm glad you work for a company, good for you. I'm stating that we've heard all this before. Nice read, however.
  7. "You know what Bryan...... I decline your offer..... "
    CM Punk's music hits and he comes out with a suit on.
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  8. In the future, post the article here in full with a source. Do not force users to click the link to read it. That's forced advertisement and it's something we do not allow.
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  9. He works and writes for them, wants the $$$ from ads.
  10. Thanks captain obvious.
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  11. Not a problem, admiral arsehole.
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  12. Someone called me?
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  13. A) He left the Raw the night after the Royal Rumble and hasn't been seen on TV since.
    B) Nobody's sure. Much of the IWC has decided he's a butthurt little bitch. Reports range from that he didn't want to wrestle HHH at Mania to he thought Bryan should be in the Mania title match to he's just a douche and hater and he wanted to quit.
    C) Opiniones vary. Most people thought that he would return in Chicago last night if he was going to return. But he wasn't at Raw in Chicago.
    D) Nope.

  14. Until I see otherwise with my own eyes, I choose to believe that Punk is just sitting out the shows resting his nagging injuries. Eventually they will find a spot for him when he is fully healthy again. It's still real to me, dammit!!!
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  15. Agreed with the post above. Though I also believe punk had zero interest in fighting HHH, and rightfully so.
  16. yea how dare a peon like HHH want to put over a LEGENd like punk. fuck outa here mark
  17. No way would punk go over HHH, mark.
  18. just like DB won't, mark.