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  1. Is it just me or does Punk alter his look, especially his shirts whenever he's due a character shift? Let's compare his look from BITW face to the present day...


    The white BITW shirt, he was the anti authority face... he was prepared to stand up for the "voiceless" and say what they wanted to, this is the Punk who isn't a coward.


    This then progressed into the grey as he moved away from being anti authority and into his feud with Jericho and his vendetta to question his straight edge beliefs.


    Then he moved onto the hideous yellow after his heel turn, is there a more despicable and hideous shirt than this? Was there a more hideous cowardly heel in the company at the time? Squirming away from challenges by fluke or alliances.


    Now no-one would have bought or wanted the cowardly heel to go against the Rock, he needed to shift again into a more fearless performer. So he went back to white (a harkening back to his previous white shirt during his anti authority stint, this Punk was prepared to go head first into battle with The Rock)

    This thread isn't really about Punk, rather how important an association with a certain colour can be when forming character assumptions, another example would be Cena during his quest to beat The Rock during 2011/2012, he shed the brightly coloured shirts for the build up, sporting a darker colour as his character became obsessed with bettering The Rock. Not all guys do this admittedly but it can be a powerful tool used to form a subtle character shift and I feel it's an underused and underappreciated tactic, another example is Sting and how he altered his face paint during the initial NWO feud, it grew gradually and showed progression from him with very few actions. In fact Sting would have very likely been a better choice for this thread but I'm too lazy to redo it.
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  2. Hogan grew a beard for his Hollywood Hogan heel turn... It added a small and subtle but effective difference between his face and heel persona, black being associated with evil and all (though he kept it when going back to the red and yellow baby face colors in WWE.) He even joked at the WM22 HOF when fans were chanting about Hogan/Austin that he might have to grow the beard back out to fight Austin.
  3. This is another example of how the insignificant things add up into a huge difference in personas, imagine Hulk without the beard, the heel role just doesn't fit IMO.
  4. He needs to have long hair !
  5. lol Knees 2 Faces

  6. Yes, many performers have done this throughout the years, they help a lot indeed.
  7. [​IMG]
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  9. Imo he looked best like this..


    The hair, the beard, the look. Without mentioning the colour of his shirt.

    He had a good ''champ'' look back then. At the last period of his reign he looked like a fucked up skinhead who didn't know how the clippers worked.
  10. Absolutely fantastic thread. I never noticed this to be honest, but I did notice the slight character changes.
  11. So basically you are saying Punk has been going downhill rapidly since be became champ the second time. Agreed.
  12. That's putting a very fine point on it but obviously.
  13. I liked more Punk's 2005 look, it was much better. And he loved his hair I don't know why he has made that again, he lost with Mysterio a hair vs mask match but now he has done that by his own... What a bad look