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    Michael walks onto the stage. He is wearing a black suit, black tie and a lime green dress shirt. He has a microphone in hand, and sun glasses. The crowd boos him immensely. He tells the crowd to quiet down before beginning.

    Michael: I've been preparing for many weeks for the night Ryan Davis is put down, for good. I haven't been in my office, for weeks. I haven't seen my home in nearly a year. I haven't seen the luxuries of life since signing in 2014.

    Michael begins pacing around.

    Michael: It's torture. But I thrive on it, I thrive on torture. It's the only reason I still wrestle even after a severely broken neck. It's the reason I come back after all the ridicule spearheaded by that piece of trash, Alias Antonio. It's the reason I come back despite the low pay from that hell rat, Jonathan. I thrive on punishment.

    He runs his hand through his slicked back hair.

    Michael: I enjoy wrecking havoc, and reeking the rewards. I love the simple idea of trashing this very company, to show all these ungrateful motherfuckers, exactly what they're missing.

    Michael chuckles before gaining a serious expression.

    Michael: I've been secretly evaluating talent, all around the IWT. I've been looking at their prowess, their track records and their tendency for driving the business forward. I'm looking for a General Manger, while I compete. No man does that better, than the man I tend to bring on out...

    Michael steps back and points to the crowd.

    Michael C'mon out!

  2. Aids Johnson comes running out to another "youre retired" chant, drowned out via "We have Aids" chants plugged in. He stops at the top of the stage before cutting the music, patting Michael on the shoulder before holding up the mic.

    It's about time I bought back into this wonderful situation we call the Internet Wrestling Tittles. Welcome, one and all, to the HOUSE THAT AIDSEY BUILT!

    I have the credibility, but I decided that I need to seize the opportunity before I fight Alias one on one, one more time. Soon you will meet your 5 TIME 5 TIME 5 TIME 5 TIME Champion of the world, and If I can somehow pull it off, Summerslam will be more than just the meeting of minds, it will be Aidseys show, in Aidseys house. You see, when Jonathern was running shit here, I made a fortune the likes of which no one can boast alongside of me, and now i'm putting my money where my mouth is.

    Michael runs this show, but I wanted everyone to know once and for all whose house this really is, and he gets the payday he has long deserved. It's a new day! Yes, it, is.
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  3. I support this decision but did this really happen cause Roadie wouldn't shave his pubes
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  4. Michael extends his hand to Aids.
  5. lmfao, wouldnt shave my name into his pubes.
    Aids gladly shakes the hand of michael, no need to hand sanitiszer.
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  6. Michael pulls Aids in and gives him a big hug to the disdain and shock of the fans. They raise their arms in victory together, as they leave the stage with arrogant grins on their face.
  7. Hmm, I don't know if I rather a GM World Champion or a GM who is constantly writing drunk-promos at 3 am.
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  8. My only takeaway is, the match is gonna be at SS? Uhh unless @THG? is pulling double duty, sure.
  9. It is at uprising team.
    Grasping at straws for a shot to take one W away before I ride into the sunset someday.
  10. put ur ring on the line you little bitch
  11. I already have the title match, what are you putting up vs my ring?
  12. my literal career vs your metaphorical career how about that
  13. Noooope dont want you out of IWT. My HoF ring is something I legit enjoying talking about here still and I have like 20-1 odds of beating you, so....gonna need a lot more than you making a different alias instead, especially considering you are a shoe in for HoF next year.

    I have 0 interest in putting my ring on the line tbh, I'm bailing after facing Dat Kid at SS unless by some ridiculous fluke I beat you both (it wont happen) and then I'll put it on the line gladly against you at the ppv after. For now? Going to take a lot more than you offering to quit something I really enjoy seeing you do.
  14. stop being so self-deprecating mate, everyone has a chance of beating me, michael had me beat, i mean forrest beat me at IWTMania and no one ever expected that. i'd legit leave till my hof induction if u beat me. what do u want me to put on the line.
  15. I'll have to think about it for a bit, I really like my HoF ring as I was first inducted in the video and all.
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