Code Geass Discussion Thread- PIPEBOMB!

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  1. New thing i going to do it call the :pipebomb: of the Day! This is from the Amine Code Geass yes the show WWE copy from to make The Sheild Gimmick Group! This is The main people in the show Lelouch Lamperouge aka Lelouch vi Britannia and C2 is the girl the inmordel Witch who give Lelouch his Geass Power!

  2. Everytime we touch, I get this feeling...
  4. If you play the song and look at your avatar, it looks like dolph is dancing :obama:
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  5. all I read was" @Britanica " :fap:
  6. oh it says Britannia :okay: :gtfo:
  7. :pity::lol1::otunga::dawg::mad2::obama::facepalm1::yes::haha::downer::nogusta::phew:
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  8. I have a hard time seeing WWE copying a bad anime for a stable concept.
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  9. I can't wait to do this when I get home :lol1:
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  10. How exactly did the WWE copy The Shield from Code Geass?

  11. I always got you on my mind, girl :rock:
  12. THAT DID! If i show the epiespe u would agree with! AND BTW CODE GEASS WAS A FUCKIN EPIC SHOW! Got lot of rating and cevn though the show over people demand it come back on AS and show rerun but that don't have the contract rights anymore :sad:. People WANTED A SEASON 3!
  13. that stole idea of injustie and there group name was the "black knight" that wear the same gear the shiled were and that would called then said knight of injustie! Ring a Bell!? :vince: will anything these days to rip something great off to get buck of it.
  14. I did watch Code Geass. I didn't like it. I don't see the connection between the show and the Shield at all.
  15. I love that random john cena you got in your avatar lol. It just pops out of nowhere lol

  16. He's there to tell people that they need an..... attitude adjustment [​IMG]
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  17. Video is unavailable :why: Gohan I though we were friends :cry:
  18. THE SHOW WAS FUCKIN EPIC! Don't know what u watch? But the show is still high demand for amine fans people that wathc are demand that make a season 3 but it mostly likly not have been.The connection is that wear black gear and there same as what black knight wear. The Shield call then said A "Shield of InJustise" and in the amine Code Geass That call then self "Knight of InJustise"! That were the connection is! Face it WWE just like rip off now! :vince: watched is amine I know he does! That have rip Ryback rip off Goldeberg, Then that had rip Fandango rip of Rico and now the shield rip of code geass! WHEN WILL ENDED!?
  19. It not my video. and it should work.