Storyline Coffee with Mikey: Episode 1

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  1. Michael is sitting in a steel folding chair while drinking a coffee.

    Michael: Welcome to 'Coffee with Mikey'. Here we talk about the IWT, expose secrets, talk about secrets, exchange secrets, lie about secrets and most of all we drink a coffee! As you know IWT is in a phase of MAJOR reshuffling after the recent power shifts and disasters. So, currently IWT Programming has been rescheduled for a later date. *Takes a sip* but don't feel alone because currently I'm the only one in IWT Headquarters!

    Michael: So first, let's talk about Dirk. This guy is some kind of Vitamin Oaf who thinks wrestling in the graveyard of wrestling will get him any where in the crime fighting world. *Take a sip* Put on a mask, some tights and jump into to kill the rapists, murderers and the southerns. *Takes a sip* then come over here so we can book you for a match!

    *Michael chuckles while taking another sip*

    Michael: I remember last March, WrestleMania 3! The biggest show of the year...the biggest show for me, going in as a champion. But the fortunate cause the unfortunate very unfortunate fortunes. I broke my neck, and was sidelined. Later in early April...I let my contract expire. I left the IWT, with more than enough money to keep me stable for many, many years. I felt this place was just one less burden on my shoulders. Then, came the near death of the IWT. It was critically injured, then it was on life support, then the plug was about to be pulled on it's coma! But we just barely held on with our pinkie's-- assembled an ok-enough team to continue operations, and thus IWT v.3 was born! When Night of Champions comes our way, it's not known whether any championships will be won. But one thing we know for sure is that IWT will strive, and it will claw it's way out of the dark trenches. Today, I sit with no production crew, just some camera I found in the Archive vaults and a chair from home. By the end of the year you'll see me drinking coffee with large signs, and a massive production crew in the middle of Madison Square Garden!

    Michael drinks all the remaining coffee.

    Michael: Viva IWT