Promos Coleman's Debut

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  1. A random man appears at the stage. He stops for a minute and fireworks go off spelling "Edward Coleman". The man walks to the ring with a mic.

    ???: "Everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Edward Coleman. I am here to show everyone that I'm one of the greatest guys ever. I'm one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Everyone who faces me regrets getting in the ring with me. I take men to the limit and eventually take them out. And don't think that I care about you ignorant, pathetic, disgusting fans. I don't need you guys to do my best. I can do everything by myself."

    Coleman pauses as the fans start to boo Coleman very loudly. Coleman continues.

    Coleman: "As for this roster, I don't and won't respect any of you guys. When you accomplish things I do, I will then respect you. Don't think that you can beat me, cause my ring skills are the best and none of you will reach my potential. I've trained and trained everyday to be my best and show you guys that I'm amazing!"

    Coleman leaves the ring as the camera fades.

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  2. *Tyrone Martin stops Coleman*
    Tyrone: Bitch, shut yo ugly face the fuck up, bitch. You ain't hot, so just shut the fuck up.
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  3. *Lucas Hacksaw appears on camera while fans boo*

    Woah, where do you think you're going? I agree and disagree. I agree that these are some pathetic fans. However, the rest of your little joke I disagree with. You can't come on to my show and say you are the best because everyone knows that I am the best. You will respect us if we accomplish the things you do? Sorry but by the time you accomplish anything in this company... oh wait, you won't. Not when i'm here. Now I need to go and beat up this camera man so lets just say this. Rookies are nothing to me.

    *Walks off to a mixed reaction to the crowd*