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  1. So?????

    Ok guys I've gotta admit a few times in my life the WWE has made me late for work and back in the past used to make me late for college.

    Who else has this affected most likely to be the UK followers I imagine but a common problem one would expect.

    If it has affected you whats the longest you've been late or worst punishment you have received?

    Me I got put on a suspension at college and given after numerous lates in a row at one point in a job I hated I basically had to quit before I got fired.

    In my defence I was very young when these misdemeanour's happened just thought it could be an amusing subject. Our sacrifices for the love of wrestling in the world of work.
  2. So many times. My college attendance on Tuesdays before I was kicked out was like below 50%. Affected my work physically when I was full-time, a couple lates and some days just calling in sick, but mainly I just pulled through it when I knew I was getting paid. Now I'm part-time and can enjoy a lazy Tuesday :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. LOLS so gald I aint the only one.

    It's so bad for me never get Tues off but always get the latest shift I can. But I had crew who I'm in charge of today commenting how I'm always a misery, grouchy bugger on a Tuesday an that they hate my shifts on these days LOLS.
  4. In USA's college this is what we do.

  5. Never used to really watch the shows live until I signed up here and that was during the Christmas break but now I tend to stay up and watch them. So I've had a few lates and "sick days" also nearly dosed off in the odd class.
  6. Good to know I'm a good influence.
  7. I was going to blame Xanth don't know why but its always his fault.
  8. I was late after TLC as well i forgot.

    Was meant to open up my store at 530am so planned on watching TLC then staying up but I fell asleep just after TLC and was woken up by my boss banging my front door down round 9am as he needed my keys to get in the store. Man major bollocking for that one and much grovelling required afterwards.
  9. There is a website that can get onto Youtube on our school computers called, loads of pop-ups but works okay. I used that to watch a PPV (HIAC I think?) and got in shit for using a thing that breaks the filter. That's about the nearest I can think off.
  10. You're right, my bad.

    Lmao could have just said "BUT SIR I'M A CM PUNK MARK AND HE WON THE TITLE LAST NIGHT N WASN'T BURIED BY BIGNOSE". I'm sure he'd understand.
  11. I just realized that Anxiety goes to bed at like... 5:00 AM everyday. X_X

    How do you do it? I'm tired if I stay up till 11:30.
  12. 10 mins late this morning fml! Not that it'd normally matter as we get a 15 mins grace period however my crappy luck my boss who has insomnia had decided to pay a surprise visit and had been sat in his car waiting for me to turn up. BUGGER!
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