News Colorado toddler hospitalized after ingesting marijuana

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  1. Days after Colorado became the first state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, police in a town just north of Denver are investigating how a toddler was hospitalized after ingesting the drug.

    CBS4 reports Aida Hernandez – the 2-year-old girl’s mother -- doesn’t know how her daughter, Evelyn, encountered marijuana, but suspects a cookie she found outside their apartment is to blame.

    “It was brown, like a chocolate chip cookie,” Hernandez reportedly said, adding Evelyn nibbled on it.

    The mother reportedly said that a half-hour after she discovered her daughter had eaten part of the cookie, “She was asleep, she was opening and closing her eyes and couldn’t walk really well. She was weak.”

    At the hospital, the little girl tested positive for THC -- the active ingredient in marijuana. “They do a blood test and that’s when they told me. That was a surprise,” Hernandez told CBS4. “It’s everywhere now that it’s legal. They have it everywhere.”

    Authorities reportedly do not suspect Hernandez was involved in her daughter’s plight, having searched her home for evidence of the drug to no avail. But police never did reportedly find the cookie.
  2. don't even see how this is newsworthy in the slightest. "but suspects a cookie she found outside their apartment is to blame" - do you think there would be a story if she ate a rock that she found outside? don't think so. shit is stupid as fuck
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  3. I don't know. It was recently legalized, soooo... I dunno.
  4. Completely different kettle of fish there a better comparison would be if the kid had drank some alcohol and gotten a similar effect, I'd have hoped it would have been reported especially if the kid had to be hospitalised. Rocks are one thing but an actual substance used to alter your mindset being consumed by a toddler should have some kind of local coverage at least.
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  5. People will be "Oh this is why pot is bad" this could have easily been a bottle of beer.
  6. A bottle of beer has THC?
    I'm actually curious btw, not trolling.
  7. So a two year old ate one of those *special* cookies? :goatface: Somehow this reminds me of the Garage Sale in That '70s Show.
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  8. No, if people will put this as a reason that pot should be banned it could have easily have been alcohol.
  9. This is sensationalist as they are emphasising the fact that dope is now legal there. This could still have happened if it was still illegal and most likely no one would have give a damn.
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  10. Bullshit, I bet her toddler was just talking like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.
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  11. Haha Fox news. Anything reported from there has an agenda, this one is obvious. COLORADO LEGALIZE WEED - BABY DIE- BAN WEED -SEE IT BAD - NO TO DRUGS.
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  12. ^Pretty much that. Another ploy just to get it banned again.
  13. I also heard the kid was listening to death metal and went home to play gta v before the effects kicked in. After the effects, he killed his dog and and began eating it. #banmusic #bangames #banweed #totallynottheparentsfault
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  14. My childhood summed up in one post :')
  15. I was drinkin Code Red Mountain Dew when i scrolled to this post and now it's all over.
  16. I want that cookie. Lucky kid.
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  17. I think Absinth does. So I have been told anyway.
  18. Dumbass parent hahahah.
  19. I wonder if they're mates with this guy -->[​IMG]
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  20. How does it not say "I'd explora". FAIL, lol
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